Shore of Jerseys Giveaway

We recently revamped our entire college clothing catalog with some pretty awesome NCAA® gear. We have everything from sweatshirts and hats to backpacks and watches…

How To Go From A “Good” To A “Great” Paper

Ask any one of my friends. When I have to write a paper, I want to literally shoot myself in the face & end it all. I’m dramatic and whiny but I always get it done, correctly and on time. I can’t make the process any more enjoyable but hopefully these tips can take your paper to the next level.

10 Benefits of Living Off Campus

In all of my six years in college (be nice I am working on my third degree) I have never lived in a dorm. I never saw the appeal of living in the dorms. I just saw them as small, generally smelly spaces that hundreds of people have slept in prior to me arriving. So I always chose to live off campus.

Weird Rentals

Some rentals just make sense—I can say for certain that I will only watch ‘No Strings Attached’ one time. Maybe 0.5 times if it’s that bad. A tile-cutter. Who hangs on to those? Hoarders do. And you cannot afford to be a hoarder in college. Have you seen how tiny your dorm room is going to be?