College Bucket List

Why should you have a bucket list? Because college flies by and long-term goals can lose priority as you get into a groove of everyday life on campus. There is a reason old people always say that college was the best time of their life–IT WAS! Make a bucket list and set a goal of knocking out 3 or 4 a year. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Lollapalooza Scavenger Hunt

My circle of friends love going to music festivals. Besides the music and partying, one of our favorite things to do is create a bizarre scavenger hunt that could only work at a festival. We create a list of the most insane things we could possibly imagine and spend the entire weekend trying to find the most items. All you need is a camera and a sharp eye.

The X-Games: Bigger and Badder Every Year

The X Games have gotten really mainstream and (I admit this is more lameness on my part than their part) the tricks have gotten so intricate I can’t tell what they’re doing half the time. I stopped counting when the board turned into a blur. Nevertheless, the X Games get more and more popular every year. and the Best New Ad: The Lowdown

You, the student, create a video, audio or print advertisement “on spec” for What’s unique about this is we give you extremely specific parameters. If a student were to independently attempt to advertise on spec for a company they would have to guess at the parameters. eCampus and Best New Ad have made the objectives very clear for you.

Happy Birthday eCampus! celebrates its 12th birthday today!  A big THANKS to generations of college students who have ordered books and college gear, followed our blog, and…