About eCampus.com

about eCampus.com

eCampus.com is a premier retailer of new, used and electronic textbooks for sale or rent, study materials and book buyback services. The website launched on July 2nd, 1999, the birthday of an original investor of the company, Dave Thomas of Wendy’s and pioneered selling used textbooks online. Unlike other dot-com companies at the time, eCampus.com’s executive team brought with them invaluable experience in their industry. The company has repeatedly found success in their ability to be agile and innovative adapting to the ever-changing market. eCampus.com’s mission is to set online bookstore industry standards for savings, selection, convenience and customer service as expressed in its slogan “Textbooks Easy. Fast. Cheap!”

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  1. Hello,
    I just had a quick question about if a textbook was coming back into stock. It’s called: media composer fundamentals 1, ISBN 978-943446-22-3. I can’t seem to find it anywhere else.

    Thank you

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