Does this post even need an intro?  Well-timed naps are like… sweet ambrosia to a man who’s been in the desert for a week.  Like a cool breeze in the dog days of summer.  Naps are a single flower blooming in a wasteland.  Basically, they are the shizznit.  Get some.

  • Sunglasses are your friend when it comes to napping, but they won’t earn you any friends in the class or with your Professors.  You will probably look like a jerk, but at least you’ll be a very well rested jerk.
  • Make a comment so the teacher knows you’re there.  The more intelligent the comment the better, and answer the no-brainers too, so they won’t call on you later.
  • Try slumping in your seat and propping your head up by putting your elbow on the armrest and shielding your eyes with that same hand; like you would if you were shielding them from the sun.  Use notes as a prop or a laptop.  It’s not totally discreet, but it’s not super obvious either.  Professors understand that sometimes students are tired but will appreciate if you show up and show some discretion.
  • Sit in the back and wear a hoodie.
  • Set a silent alarm on your phone for the last ten minutes or so of class—when your professor is likely going to summarize what he’s said.
  • Don’t go to law school.  I hear they do a lot of cold calling.
How To Get Away With Napping In Class
Happy Napping!

Happy napping!



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