Dorm life isn’t usually easy, especially when you have to live with someone else in such a small space. If you are not used to sharing a room with someone else then living in a dorm might be hard for you. Living with a stranger makes the experience even more challenging. Dealing with a roommate is not always easy. There are a couple things to remember when living with someone else.


You’re not used to each other yet
If you are living with a random roommate you already know the first couple weeks might be a little bit uncomfortable. If you know your roommate’s name before you move in, try Facebooking them and letting them know you are their roommate. Try to get to know them a little bit before you move in. Don’t bite your roommates head of the first night! Be patient and open to the person your roommate might be.

Know each other’s expectations
Toes will be stepped on (figuratively speaking) if ground rules are not established upon move in. It is only fair for your new roommate to know what you expect of them and what they expect of you. Establish some rules you have for each other and how you would like the atmosphere of your new room to be. Let your expectations be known.

Find out your roommate’s personality
Communication with your roommate might be one of the most important things to have when living with someone else! Is your new roommate a party animal? Are you not a partier? That kind of information needs to be exchanged. Do you confront your problems directly? Do you hold in your feelings until you can’t anymore? Communicate! It’s so important to have peace and happiness in your new room!

Take responsibility for your belongings
Your belongings might be tossed around the room and mixed in with your new roommates. Just keep in mind that even though you live in the same room, you are the one responsible for your things. Your roommate is not going to babysit your stuff, so make sure it is where it needs to be. If you have important or sacred belongings try getting a safe to keep your things in. You cannot expect your roommate to keep track of your belongings, and they cannot expect you to keep track of theirs.



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