Why should you have a bucket list? I thought those were only for old people…

Because college flies by and long-term goals can lose priority as you get into a groove of everyday life on campus.  There is a reason old people always say that college was the best time of their life–IT WAS! Make a bucket list and set a goal of knocking out 3 or 4 a year. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Actually go to a professor’s office hours

-Take a shot in each library

-Form a study group and actually attend the meetings

-Go to one of every intramural, club and varsity game  You might discover a love of a new sport!

-Pay under $100 for a semester’s worth of textbooks.

-Cross country road trip

-Go to Mardi Gras

-Study abroad (at least for a few weeks)

-Go for a week without paying for food

-Go to a party in every single dorm building

-Party at another big campus

-Host an international student

-Find a community service passion and stick to it!

-Ask someone out you think is out of your league

-Audition for a play or musical production

-Organize a pub crawl

-Scout out a super secret study spot no one knows about

-Go for a month without calling your parents (they’ll survive, trust me)

-Find a mentor that you’ll stay in touch with after graduation

-Make friends with a graduate student in a totally different program than you

-Join a protest, rally, or demonstration (or at least hang out at one)

-Attend all the free activities your campus offers (even dorky ones like finger painting) for a week

Oh yeah, last but not least have the best time of your life as you grow and discover yourself as a person.  That one’s important.


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  1. Going a month without calling your parents should not be o the list!
    Who ever made this list must not be a caring, loving person, very selfish suggestion.

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