Some of you may be recent alumni, pining for a kegger or two to relive your college days. Others may just be current students who are stuck living at their parents house for the summer and following curfews and doing dishes for the first time in months.

Whether you’re a recent grad, or just home for summer break, I’m sure you’re missing the college life! I graduated 2 months ago and have recently started a new job. Sure, the pay is great and it’s nice to never have any more homework or studying to do, but I’m definitely having some college withdrawals!

There’s nothing that compares to living on a rowdy street near a college campus surrounded by other kids your age. There’s always a party going on just around the corner, or a game of beer pong taking place in the apartment next door. Sure, you made time for going to class (and reading your textbooks!), but the college atmosphere and the lifestyle are the best part of those 4 years (or, in my case, 5) and they are the things you will miss the most. It’s also difficult after graduation, because all of my friends went different directions. Some of my friends got jobs in their home towns, and others have moved halfway across the country for grad school.

So if you’re missing college life as much as I am right now, here are some tips on how to cope:

  • Grab a bite to eat with a college friend: Getting together with a friend from school is a great idea to help you reminisce about your college days. It might make you miss it even more (or get excited for your return), but it’s a great opportunity to look back on all the fun times and trouble you got into!
  • Have a sleepover: Yes, I know, this one sounds a little ridiculous but I’m serious! My favorite part of college was living with my best friends. I loved the mornings that we would wake up and make breakfast while we tried to piece together the night before, or the nights when we didn’t wanna study and decided to order pizza andwatch a movie instead. Those are the nights that define college. So make some more of those this summer and you’ll have just as much fun!
  • Have a college movie marathon: Spend an evening with some friends watching a few of the most classic college-themed movies. Here are some suggestions: Animal House (the most obvious choice), Old School, The Graduate, House Bunny, Rudy, Good Will Hunting, Revenge of the Nerds, and The Social Network

Well, there are just a few suggestions on how to relive the glory days of college (or to just survive the summer with your parents). Hope they’ve been helpful! Feel free to leave some comments with any more suggestions!

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