Today is a great day, and I’ll tell you why.  It’s Paul Bunyan Day!  If you reach back to the far recesses of you brain, right next to Pecos Bill and John Henry, you’ll find Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox Babe!  I’ll help you dust off the cobwebs because the tall tale is pretty fun and slightly inappropriate for kids.  Just look up Paul Bunyan’s reversible dog and you’ll see what I mean.

There are many tourist attractions across the United States related to the mythical character and his blue ox.


If you are really in a lumber-jack kind of mood, why not head out to Fort Bragg, CA during Labor Day weekend? The city hosts Paul Bunyan Days over the extended weekend. Activities include a parade, tricycle race, ugly dog contest, craft fair, fish fry, classic car show and an awesome logging show–where local bearded behemoths put those steroid infused Europeans “strong men” to shame!

You may scoff at Paul Bunyan Day, wondering why you should pay it homage when Cheesecake Day is right around the corner.  Paul Bunyan is not yummy or topped with strawberry compote.  I’ll tell you why it’s special.  In Western Folklore Vol. 9, No. 4, Oct., 1950 Dan G. Hoffman declares Paul Bunyan as America’s “last demigod . . . as a symbol of American size, strength, and ingenuity.”  Also, cheesecake doesn’t have a blog post written by me now, does it?

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