With each college residence hall, there’s a certain aspect that makes each and every dorm room feel the same. This aspect happens to be the fact that each dorm room IS exactly the same. Now everyone tries to make their room their own in whatever way they can. However, almost all of these methods consist of shag rugs, posters and funky lights. The painful thing about having a nondescript room to live in is the fact that it won’t feel like a new home. Much in the way that a bird will create its nest out of sticks, dirt and random scraps they’ll find around, you must also create your new home out of scraps that you love and cherish. A large problem with this, however, is that most college students can’t afford to go to a local store and buy unique furniture or decorations for their tiny rooms. However, using these ideas, along with this guide to designing a drool-worthy dorm, your room will be special and memorable in no time!
college dorm room

1. Take the time to visit unique item websites, such as thisiswhyimbroke.com or thinkgeek.com. Many websites exist such as these where you can find almost anything to play with, wear, or use to decorate. You can even find a “Doctor Who” trash can shaped like the Tardis!

2. Wake up a little early every few weekends and take a walk around your neighborhood to find garage sales and flea markets. You can find amazing treasures being sold for very cheap prices! You really never know what you’ll find.

3. Avoid your university’s poster sales at all costs. You might feel special for buying that Jimmy Hendrix water color poster, but I assure you, hundreds of other students will have the exact same one. Obviously, if you absolutely love Jimmy Hendrix, buy it! But I’d recommend trying to find one that truly is special.

4. Try making your own decorations. I literally have no idea what you’d be capable of making, but isn’t that the beauty of it? I would NEVER forget walking into a room covered in origami swans, or plush sock monkeys!

There are an infinite amount of possibilities for what you could turn your room into this year. So instead of going for the classic look, turn your room into the hangout spot for the whole campus! If there are ideas that I left out, don’t limit yourself to these points, just let your mind wander, and decorate!

And if you are moving in to a college dorm for the first time, don’t forget to use our Ultimate Dorm Essentials Checklist.



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