High school sweethearts tend to face issues when they separate for college. If you really love the person you’re with and you think it’s worth a try, read carefully as I share my secrets for keeping a healthy long distance relationship.  My boyfriend and I have personally experienced the trials of going to different colleges this year. We have been dating since we were sixteen and are now going on three years! Our relationship requires a lot of patience and trust but with modern technology, it’s been easier than we originally thought.

The first step is to relax. You have to trust the other person and understand that even if they’re at a party or out with friends, you’re the only one they want. Its okay to ask questions about their night but don’t get to the point of being insecure. It’s hard at first because in high school you probably knew all of their friends and could trust them. It’s tough not knowing the people they talk about, who they’re with, and who these strange new girls/boys are in their life. Equally, you want your significant other to understand that you might make new guy/girl friends and go out once in a while as well. College is a two way street, trust your boyfriend/girlfriend to have a good time and trust that they’ll keep your feelings in mind.

The second step is communication. This is probably the most important step. Keeping in contact is everything. Be open and honest with where you are and who you’re with if you want them to do the same in return. You should try and text throughout the day and Skype or call at night. Each of you should compare your schedules and find weekends where you are both free. Plan weekends where you can visit if possible. When you finally see each other you will fully understand the saying, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’

Lastly, keep it real! It’s easy to get busy with a new job, schoolwork, athletics, clubs, or even just chilling with your friends. Be sure to take the time to do the cute little things you always used to do. Send a sweet text that’ll remind them of the good times from high school or brighten their day by posting a funny video on their Facebook wall. Never stop telling the other person how you feel; they will probably need to be reassured often since you’re not there.

If you truly believe your high school relationship is worth the trials of college, follow your heart. Look forward to the evenings when you can see them on Skype or talk with them on the phone. True love will always prevail, and remember, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder.

-Speedy G.

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  1. Young lady, I can’t believe an adult let you print this on the web! You are recommending that a student text her boyfriend all throughout the day. Get REAL!!! We parents are paying for you kids to attend college, like…go to class, do homework, and yes have a social life, but can you please focus on school work on school days?!

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