Summer break is upon us! And with all that freedom comes boredom and many, many choices. When there is so much to do and so little time to do it, how can you make the most of your summer break? How can you stay productive? Here’s what you need to know about summer break and how to make the most of it.

College Break FAQs

Do you get a summer break in college?

College does have a summer break, though whether or not you take it is up to you. You may opt to continue classes during the summer term.

How long is summer break in college?

Summer break in college is generally 2-3 months, depending on where you go to school.

When does summer break start for college students?

Summer break usually starts in May or June (depending on your college) and usually ends in August.

Pursue a Summer Internship

Taking on a summer internship can be a productive use of time and real-world experience to add to your resume! Plus, paid internships and those that give academic credit can do a lot to help you in the upcoming school year. This would definitely make yours one of the most productive summer breaks.

If you intend to pursue an internship, don’t wait until the last minute! Waiting too long will cause you to miss out as positions will fill up quickly. Find internship positions before the summer break arrives for a wider variety of options and a better chance of success!

Some internship ideas to think about:

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Help a company or small business build their online presence in the way only Gen Z can! Learn the lay of the land and the techniques businesses use to stay relevant while bringing something new to the table!

Medical Research

Test the waters for this career path and gain valuable experience. Working with professionals during college can help you learn some things you won’t learn in class. And, if nothing else, you can check off internship requirements for your major.


Learn the basics of this field to put yourself ahead of the competition after graduation! By getting a head start, you’re making connections and sure to look more appealing on an application. And a banking internship may lead to a real position waiting for you in the field!


NASA offers internships from the high school to graduate level in which interns work with mentors on research and experimental learning. Students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) should consider applying, as an internship at NASA would open some doors!

Look for Volunteer Opportunities

Use your time to give back! Volunteering is a meaningful, fulfilling opportunity to help others and grow. By doing volunteer work, you can gain new skills, work experience, and create real change. It also provides a chance to travel if that’s something you’re interested in. But remember, applications can begin as early as a year before the start date. Apply early for the best chances!

H3: Volunteer opportunities to consider:

Sea Turtle and Marine Conservation

Join efforts to help and preserve sea turtles and other marine life around the world. Scuba dive to clean the seafloor in Portugal,  rehabilitate sea turtles in Australia, or clean up beaches in Jamaica! Many locations and programs are looking for volunteers!

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Join World Heritage conservation efforts in one of 32 countries (as of 2021). Gain the skills and knowledge to protect and preserve world heritage by raising awareness and participating in hands-on activities!

African Mission Trips (Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania)

Whether you’re interested in teaching, childcare, construction, medical volunteer work, environmental conservation, or volunteering with wildlife, you’ll be able to find your place on a mission. Volunteering on a mission trip to countries like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania can make a huge impact!

Central & South America

On the more cost-effective route, volunteering in Central and South America is a low-cost option to make a huge impact! Teach English, volunteer with animals, do nursing work, and more! Find an opportunity that matches your skills and interests with available projects and organizations throughout Latin America.

Your Community

If you want to stay close to home, volunteering in your community is a worthy cause! Help your community by supervising projects, overseeing sports at your local community center, or help with upkeep and children’s programs at your local library. Care for animals at your local animal shelter, or help with food donations and resource distribution at a food bank and homeless shelter near you. There are plenty of causes you can contribute to in your backyard!

Make the Most of Summer Break with a Full-Time Job

Earn job experience while making some cash! A full-time summer job is a responsible way to spend your time that can be largely beneficial to your future. Save up for tuition and loan payments and learn budgeting techniques. Improve your time management skills and polish your resume.

A full-time job is easier to take on during the summer because you’ll have the time, and it will allow you to gain that work experience. Full-time jobs will be more desirable experiences to part time-jobs, as businesses will often put full-time candidates ahead of part-time candidates. And you’ll likely make more money as a full-time employee, which will have a positive impact on your finances during the school year. Full-time positions will also look better on your resume, giving the impression of the hard-working employee employers seek. And you’ll begin to meet some of the unreasonable experience expectations employers tend to have.

Learn a Foreign Language

Language skills aren’t just to fill requirements! Learning a foreign language can be valuable in the real world and much more fun when you have options. Try Duolingo for fun, FREE, active learning, and choose from 19 distinct languages. Or find a class or tutor near you for structured, interactive learning!

Some language learning options:

Complete a Reading List

School may be out, but there’s always more to learn! A reading list is a great way to keep your reading comprehension skills sharp and can be a productive form of entertainment. Dip into the books on your shelf you have yet to read or find a reading list you’d like to complete!

Book Lists and Recommendations:

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