If you’ve found yourself on Tiktok in the last year, you’ve probably found yourself down booktok at some point in time. Even if you didn’t know it, booktok has taken the virtual world by storm. Whether it’s from cosplay to just the booktok book recommendations, people can’t get enough of booktok. We get it because neither can we. But with all of the books we have piling up on our nightstands and filling our online shopping carts because of good ole’ booktok, where does one start? What fandom should you fall victim to next? Don’t worry. We did some… ✨light✨ reading from a few of our favorite booktok accounts, so we could tell you all about the books you’ve seen on your FYP. So my dear readers, let’s get started, shall we?

Our BookTok Recommendations That Will Make You Sob at 3 am

We’d like to start this section off by saying we are not responsible for the emotional turmoil these booktok recommendations will put you through. You’ll get that hollow feeling you get when you finish a really good book, that feeling that is hard to explain and hard to fill with another book. That’s called book hangover, and unfortunately, you’ll be stuck with a relatively severe case of book hangover after reading these booktok recommendations.

  1. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart-  The back of the booktok book says to lie, so we don’t give away the ending, so we’re really not going to tell you anything about this storyline. Seriously we’re not. The only thing we’re going to tell you is, at the end of the story, we closed the book and stared at the wall for about an hour and just cried. Because after finishing We Were Liars, that’s all we could do. Every booktok account we’ve seen has had about the same reaction too. 5/5⭐

2. All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven- If you haven’t seen the Netflix movie with Ellie Fanning in it by now, color us impressed, but here’s a little about the story. It’s girl meets boy but wrapped in the theme of death. One’s fascinated by death, thinking one day he may end his own life, but something good, no matter how small, always stops him. And the other constantly pushing to the future, the future of leaving small-town Indiana and her past behind her. The relationship that forms between this unlikely pair throws you through a rollercoaster, but will it be worth it for both of them? This booktok book will leave you feeling raw at the end. There is no other way to put it. Will you recommend your friends read it? Yes. But for the sole purpose that you’re not the only one in pain anymore. 5/5⭐

3. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr French Girl and German Boy try to survive the devastation of WWII. Almost every booktok account we’ve seen has given it rave reviews, some saying they would even sell their soul to be able to reread it for the first time. We have to agree 5/5⭐ This booktok book made us feel some serious feelings. We’re still not over it, honestly.

4. This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp- This booktok book usually comes with a trigger warning from most booktok accounts, and rightfully so. We’ve seen more school shootings happen in the real world than anyone would care to admit. So this raw, captivating story of a school shooting leaves you feeling as if you were with the students in the auditorium.  There is a reason it is so critically acclaimed. If you read anything from this booktok list, take the time to read this book. You will be broken at the end of it, your book hangover will last a lot longer than expected, but it is worth a read. 5/5⭐

5. Song of Achilles by Madelline Miller- The setting is Greece in the age of heroes. An exiled prince finds a new home in a new kingdom and is befriended by the prince Achilles. You get to grow alongside them as they go from boys to skilled men in war and medicine, and their bond blossoms into something deeper? Then Helen of Sparta is kidnapped, and thus begins the epic Trojan War that will test everything the two men hold dear. Honestly, when we tell you, we flat out were not prepared for this booktok book, that is 100% the truth. We saw all the booktok book recommendations, but we thought, nooo, it can’t be that bad…So we added it to our booktok must-read list. We’re still in some physical pain from this one, guys. Circle back in 5-10 business days to see if we’ve recovered. The answer will still probably be no but, it’s fine. We’re fine. EVERYTHING’S FINE! 5/5⭐

Before reading all of these booktok book recommendations, we would say prepare yourself, but no preparation will save you from this list. So get ready, find a nice place to get cozy with your favorite warm beverage, and hunker down because you’re going to be there for a while. We’re sorry in advance.

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