Summer is a time for freedom and fun! Sometimes it can be hard to maintain a romantic relationship with your other half! So you’re thinking, a break for the summer is the best idea. But how do you break it off? How do you cope? I’m no relationship specialist but I have some helpful tips you might like to try!

How to break it off- some conversations starters to try
-Express your concern about the summer, and time apart you might be spending.
-Let them know you are going to be a free spirit this summer, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that is hurtful to your partner
-Say you don’t belong in a relationship, especially in the summertime
-A little bit of a break might be beneficial to both of you and if the relationship is right and meant to be, you will end up back together at the end of the summer
-Make it known that your summer schedule will be busy and hectic and you might not be able to give your partner all of the attention he or she is wanting
-If it isn’t working, it isn’t working.. Some things cannot be forced
-You want to know what else is out there

Sometimes that hardest part about a breakup is trying to get over your lover. It can be hard to cope with the separation, lack of conversation and attention, and the feeling of loneliness. Try these tips to help you get through it!

Getting over the breakup and moving on
-YOUR FRIENDS ARE YOUR SAVIORS! Be with them as much as possible!
-Avoid being bored and alone, it just gives you time to think!
-Remove their phone numbers from your cell, but write it down and put it in a safe spot so it’s not gone forever.
-If staying in contact is something that is unavoidable, keep it friendly and emotionless!
-When you say it is done, really make it done. Allowing for the person to come in and out of your life like a revolving door will never help you get over the pain.
-Fill your schedule with work, or whatever keeps you busy!
-Know that when one door closes, another door opens.
-If you are meant to be, it will find a way. Trust that.
-Avoid talking about the breakup or the other person in general, there is plenty of other things to talk about!
-Don’t be afraid to move on, especially if your ex has!
-Keep it classy, no matter how bad the breakup, badmouthing your ex won’t get you ahead in the end.
-Know that every day there is a reason to smile! (:
-Every day is a fresh start, do with it what you will, but make the best of it.
We all have had to deal with a break up! Do you have any other tips or advice to give to other bloggers? Your suggestions, comments, and feedback would be awesome!

With love,
Kat VonD

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