Alright sports fans, get your game faces on and prepare for the NFL Draft! The first round of the Draft will take place on Thursday April 28th. The second and third rounds will take place on April 29th and the final four through seven rounds will be held on Saturday April 30th.

Hundreds of players are hoping to be picked to join the National Football League. They have been participating in practices and training sessions giving NFL coaches a chance to check out their prospective players.

This year’s top five picks are Cam Netwon (Auburn), Marcell Dareus (Alabama), Von Miller (Texas A&M), A.J. Green (Georgia), and Blaine Gabbert (Missouri). Experts have the picks in different order but can all agree on these players being in the top five.

The Draft oder has already been established. The Carolina Panthers have the first pick followed by the Denver Broncos. Third pick belongs to the Buffalo Bills. Fourth pick goes to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Arizona Cardinals found out the top five with the 5th pick in the draft.

Just because the specialists have voiced their opinions via ESPN and the Internet doesn’t mean they are correct. The picks could go any way! The final verdict will be determined on Draft Day!

Tune in to the NFL Network to watch the 2011 NFL Draft Live! You can also watch the Draft in realtime at

Which players do you think will be chosen first? Will there be any surprises? Are the projections correct? Who do you want your team to draft? Let us know!

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