We are proud to announce that in the last week, eCampus Blog was selected by eCollegeFinder.org as a Top 50 Freshman Advisor blog. The Freshmen Advisor Award recognizes the top 50 Internet-based resources offering young students advice toward advancing their college-life experience.  By introducing students as well as parents to both the exciting and challenging trials and tribulations of beginning college eCampusBlog.com has shown its commitment to college freshmen during their transition into higher education.

The Freshmen Advisor Award commends eCampusBlog.com’s guidance for young students, highlighting the myriad of opportunities often available for students at their individual academic institutions and providing sound advice and suggestions. This award recognizes everything that our blog has been striving to do. The eCampus blog strives to provide college students with everything they might need to know. From study tips and where to find cheap textbooks, to cheap recipes and college sports, the eCampus blog is here to help.

We are pleased to be recognized by eCollegeFinder.org, a fellow influential college blog and also to be ranked with 49 of the top “college help” blogs out there. Getting ahead in today’s competitive job market requires you to advance your education and knowledge. eCollegeFinder.org helps students find the right online degrees, offering a wide range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees as well as specialized certificates and diplomas from the top accredited online colleges and universities.

Thanks to all of our readers for all your support!


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