When I am having a long day or attempting to kill time I can count on YouTube to keep me entertained. Here are a few of the funny videos I like to watch when I am on YouTube:

The rolled down window and hair blowing in the wind adds a nice touch. So does the barking dog in the background! #classic

He definitely knows all the words, and his dance moves really enhance the song! #remix

This video falls under the “You don’t want to look, but can’t look away” category. Keep going? I would go right to the hospital! #OUCH

I love how the camera keeps rolling after she has fallen to the ground. #NoteToSelf Never stomp grapes, PERIOD

Favorite part: when David turns into a screaming monster, or when his father agrees to having four eyes. #LOL

Someone obviously missed their nap. Don’t worry dad, you are not a horrible father, but common, you shut him down too fast! #rude

Poor kitty kitty #EpicFail. The slow motion really enhances the video, though.

Am I missing out on any hilarious videos? Let me know

Kat VonD

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