As a college student with low funds, I am always looking for cheap alternatives when shopping. And as a guy, this becomes really difficult. It seems like there are so many stores and websites for girls to find inexpensive clothes (Forever21 I think?), while guys are stuck paying $30 for a solid colored t-shirt with a special logo on it. So I have done a little research and found some places us dudes can go, because bargain shopping shouldn’t just be for the ladies.

Thrift Shop

Plato’s Closet (or other consignment shops): These stores are great for finding clothes that would normally be sold at high-end retailers. You can find literally anything here, and hopefully it’ll be in your size (although it probably won’t be).

Department Stores: I’d like to be more specific with this one, and say JCPenney, due to the fact that it is my favorite store in the universe. Anyway, department stores have decent selections every season, and about half their items are almost always on sale.

H&M: This store is great for cheap clothing that looks exactly like designer brands. Do I feel embarrassed that the men’s section in the store is one tiny little corner, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is for a man or a woman? Absolutely not.

Online: There are a lot of websites dedicated to providing cheap clothing for their consumers. Check out JackThreads or I want to mention this because normally, ties, and anything that is associated with a suit, has a ridiculous price tag on it. But at the tie bar, you can find most great ties for under 30 dollars.

Flea Markets/Thrift Shops: You will have to do a lot of digging, but once you find that treasure item it will all be worth it. And thanks to Macklamore,  it is cool to get your clothes at Thrift Shops.

Hopefully this list will help change your mind when you’re preparing to go to a designer brand store to buy a shirt for forty dollars. There are some ridiculous prices out there, but nothing gets more ridiculous than paying out of pocket for a tiny symbol barely noticeable on your clothes. If there are any stores or ideas that I didn’t mention, please help a brother out and comment below!


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