It’s the middle of July and officially the hottest time of the year across the US. As college students we are notorious for MacGyvering our own types of entertainment in order to avoid the high cost of the “real stuff”. I consider myself an expert in the field of college Macgyvery, so here we go with my favorite water “weapons” for under 20 dollars each. Eat that super soaker!

1. Fertilizer Sprayer

– The average fertilizer sprayer from your local hardware store works wonders as a water rifle. Just pump it up and throw it in your largest backpack, its like being a ghostbuster, just don’t cross the streams. Find one here at

2. Water Bottle

– For the real cheap skates out there – Take a bottle of water you have sitting around the house, poke a hole in the top of it and boom, basic squirt pistol

3. The waterzooka

– The home made Water Cannon – This recipe for watery revenge is a great cheap squirt gun to build. Check out the plans at this great website ( , you can buy one fully built for 19.50 or build one yourself for less than 10.

4. The Sticky Bandit

– Greatest water prank in the world – simply band a rubberband around the sprayer in your sink and watch to see who goes to the sink first for a nice cold impromptu shower


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