It’s 8:20am and you are scrambling to get into the office. Since you were supposed to be in 20 minutes ago, you are not exactly happy about the unbelievable amount of traffic or the fact that there is only morning talk radio on in the car. You finally make it to your desk and all you want is to listen to that one song that will freshly restart your whole day. You go to PandoraRadio and click on your favorite relaxing playlist, Dave Matthews. Then, out of no where when you’re getting into this calming playlist, Nickleback is somehow thrown into the mix and your whole mood begins to drop yet again. Can you not just get a great free playlist that fits your mood? Everyone has been at this point. Sometimes you just need some music that fits your mood; good or bad. These are some FREE websites I have found that focus on whatever your mood, and let you skip the song if you’re not feeling it!


This website lets you choose from a range music based on whatever your mood at that time. From energetic to “asleep on my feet” to Sunday morning to let’s party. Whatever your distinct mood, stereomood can provide.


If you’re having a day where your mood is unexplainable but you want to listen to a certain type of music, then try this site! The page offers every genre of music imaginable to choose from and then lets you choose from thousands of playlists other users have designed around that type of music.


This is a great mix of the two previous websites. You are able to check off which genres you enjoy, then choose your mood on a balance scale between energetic, calm, dark, and positive.

I love all these websites and they really help me get through a work day, or get me excited to go out for the night. Tell us what you think.


Kelsey the Intern

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