As we have seen expressed for the Super Bowl, die-hard fans will stop at nothing to show support for their team.  Many college kids feel the same about their college’s sports teams, but they have some obstacles in the way.  The most problematic situation faced by those face-painted fans seems to be getting to the away games.

Needs some transportation ideas?

  1. Most obviously, check out what your school has to offer.  In many cases, if there are enough foam fingers who are looking for a ride, strings can be pulled to get a bus rented through the Athletic Department of the school.  If this fails, this idea can always be done privately.  Can anyone say “Party Bus!”
  2. The Car Situation- What sounds cooler: carpooling or road tripping?  Without a doubt, road tripping brings to mind movies like Little Miss Sunshine and Road Trip.  No one wants a National Lampoon’s Vacation situation on their hands, so advertise to your friends you would like to get a road trip together for the next away game; don’t call it a carpool.  This way you can incorporate other fun aspects of road trips like making a playlist and stopping at a diner half way through.  No one does those things for carpools except for soccer moms…
  3. Public Transit– Pros: No one has to drive.  Fun Atmosphere. Everyone stays together in one big group.  Cons: Cost.  Use this as your last resort, but if planes need to be involved, check out a price comparison site for cheap flights.  You can also look at taking a Greyhound bus although that can make for a VERY long and sometimes scary trip.

Good luck and don’t forget to drink water! If you lose your voice at the big game, the after party might not be as much fun…


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