Searching for a job can be overwhelming, scary and downright difficult! Let’s face it, the economy isn’t doing us any favors either. But don’t get discouraged! There are jobs out there, you just have to know where to look. Dream jobs won’t just be handed to you—they have to be worked for, and also searched for. So, with an open eye and determined spirit, let’s go job hunting!

To ease yourself into the process, begin by thinking of exactly what kind of position you want and are qualified for. This will help narrow down your search so you’re not sifting through thousands of jobs that aren’t for you. Next, pick some companies you like and simply dig around their websites. A lot of companies will list any openings they have online. Others may need a phone call or even an in-person visit (just don’t become a stalker). Remember not to count out certain companies just because you think your skills have nothing to do with what they’re all about. You’d be surprised how many places hire for positions that sounds out of the blue.

If this beginning process has left you in tears and pulling out your hair, it’s time for a deep breath and the next steps. Repeat after me: I don’t need them anyway. Just like there are fish in the sea, there are many companies hiring. Just because Phase 1 was a bust, doesn’t mean you’ll soon be a bum on the streets. Besides company websites, there are plenty of places to search for jobs!

Begin Phase 2 with some social media guidance. Search Twitter, reach out to your strong connections on Facebook, write a short blog post about how you’re looking for such-and-such type of a position, and most importantly, turn to LinkedIn! LinkedIn will be your professional best friend; make sure it’s up-to-date and start poking around for companies. This could get you some interviews or it could get you nowhere, but there’s no point in having these social media profiles if you don’t actually put them to use…so use them!

Now that the obvious steps are out of the way, it’s time to take a more direct searching method. Google won’t really be your friend in this one, since too many articles and other random sites will pop up. But there are sites made specifically to get you hired and for companies to better find you. is one rather well known example. With over 41 million resumes, this site is full of job hopefuls. But with all these resumes, also comes tons of job listings. Like many sites, you can search for a specific company, job title, location or simply by skills. In addition to helping you find jobs, this site will help you land them with career advice, including interview prep, salary information, and tips for your resume. An advice forum makes this a total job lost-and-found operation, with a community of people helping (though, let’s face it, also competing) to find a job that is as dreamy as possible. is another go-to site for your job hunting needs. This site is like no other with virtual events to make you the prime rib on the buffet of potential employees. With Virtual Recruiting Events, you get 5 minutes without interruption to talk to employers, show off your skills and who you are. These events will hopefully give you contacts with people high on the food chain and leave you with some interviews—or at the very least, learn what (not) to do next time! Network Roulette Events will connect users with other high achievers for another 5 minutes to make new connections and perhaps form some kind of collaboration. BrazenU will school you in webinars and bootcamps to be ready to further your career, land the job, or be the best worker you can be. Talk about an all-in-one system, making you friends, searching for jobs, and helping you nail the interview to boot! can also help you find the job that’s been on your mind for weeks. This website and magazine will give you tons of advice for any question you can think of and more, what to expect from employers, and a wide variety of employers from non-profits to the well known big players. Its Insider Guides really make them unique, with in-depth, highly researched, extensively fact-checked and well edited information avalanches that will take you from knowing nothing about how to face an investment banking interview to being a pro in no time. Not only will you learn a lot about tricks of the trade, but with employer Q & As, videos, and basic company background, you’ll be able to figure out which company is your own glass slipper.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are countless sites out there full of job opportunities that could be your dream job. Don’t be afraid to hop off the computer and actually visit companies and local (or not) businesses and see what they have to say. Sometimes, all it takes is a good impression from a high-up to find a place for you. Check out job bulletins in your community, ask friends if they know anywhere suited for you, or even get your family involved in your search. You can never have too much help. Most importantly, remember you’ll more often than not have to work your way up. A dream job come true won’t always be the first stop on everyone’s career train, but don’t let your pride get in the way of getting hired. There’s always an opportunity to work your way up the ladder or find a new job later on that’s more you.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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