Dating can be stressful in itself. You have to get to know the person, let them get to know you and try to enjoy yourself all the while. So the question is, how do you accomplish these things and not break the bank? Most college students work jobs in order to pay rent or help with tuition and sometimes there isn’t much left over to have a social life. Here are some inexpensive date ideas to consider when you’re running low on cash during college.

Cooking Dinner


Going out for dinner can be expensive in itself, but what if you want the quiet time together to just talk? Try finding a dish either one of you knows how to cook well. Cooking dinner together gives you time to get to know each other through talking and through each other’s actions. If its a dish only one of you knows, teach the other one and walk them through it. And after you’ve cooked your meal sit down and eat it together. This will definitely save you money and also prevents you from having to leave a tip which adds to the bill.

Movie and Game Night


Playing board games and watching old movies can be a great way to hang out without a lot of pressure to spend any money. You dont have to get dressed up either! Each one of you should pick out your favorite movie that the other one hasn’t seen and watch them together. You can even play games, like cards or Scrabble, and talk during the movie. This way you can get to know each other if you don’t, or just spend time together without a lot of stress.

College/University Run Event


Almost every college or university offers free events for students to attend throughout the year.  Whether it be an ice cream social or a free concert, there are generally several to choose from during the school year. Connect with your student activities board on social media or through their website and see if there are any upcoming events worth attending. Invite your current love interest and enjoy the free event! After all, college is expensive.  You should utilize these perks!

Dating doesn’t have to stress you out, or stress out your bank account. These are simple inexpensive date ideas. Try them out this semester and enjoy the extra cash in your pocket.

Comment your thoughts below and any other fun, inexpensive date ideas. Have fun!