Claps for you, you have made it through high school and you are on your own which means  you make your own decisions. It does not matter what year you are in college, the following advice was compiled as a how to survive college guide.

Keep a Normal Sleep Schedule

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First off, you might be on your own, but remember when your parents made you go to bed around the same time every night? It helps: a normal sleep schedule reduces that morning crankiness we know you have and sleep helps keep your body healthy (a.k.a. helping you keep off the dreaded freshmen fifteen).

Keep the Peace with Your Roommate

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Do not be rude to your dorm mate, no matter how angry they make you.  Remember, they know where you sleep. Communication is key when living with another person.  If you are open and honest about what you expect from them and they are the same way with you, you are setting yourself up for success.

Keep in Touch with Your Family

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Your family is missing you more than you are missing them.  Family is always around even when college ends. And no, I do not just mean your parents, keep in touch with friends you consider family too! Some easy ways to keep in touch include calling texting and face-timing.

Keep Eating Healthy

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Do not eat all the junk food you were not allowed to eat at home, where do you think the dreaded freshmen fifteen comes from? Having healthy high-protein snacks throughout the day such as nuts can fight cravings. College can also make you want to stress eat.  If you are looking for something to do with your hands while you are studying, eat grapes, blackberries, carrots, etc. Fruits and vegetables help keep your body healthy and you feeling better.

Keep Making Time for Yourself

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If you need to tell your friends you are taking an extra class to get away for a bit, do it and just relax! What was something you did before life got hectic and you did not have time? Do it for at least an hour a week, every week. Do not skip!

Keep Enjoying College

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College is not supposed to make your hair turn grey or drive you crazy.  College is about your education but it is also about your growing up. Do not miss out on that opportunity, make college enjoyable! Make friends, date, go to a concert, go out to eat and do not let college drive you to insanity!

Comment below with how you are surviving college! 


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  1. These are all very practical tips! Though keeping the peace with roommates may be a little hard to achieve. I think its important to realize that not everyone is like you, so people have different habits and ways of thinking and going about things. This was a big wakeup call for me my first few years of college. After accepting that I just did what I Knew was right, and tried to avoid unnecessary conflict. if conflict did spur up, I did my best not to add to the situation and be mature about it. In some cases that’s the best one can do. for more tips on doing well in college check out my blog 😀

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