Staying motivated can be a major struggle for many college students, especially now that many classes have largely moved online. Motivation is essential to college success, both from an academic and mental health standpoint. Here are some tips for finding your motivation in college.

Form a Daily Routine and Stay Organized

First off, you should begin to develop a routine that works for you. Forming a routine can provide you more comfort and stability, reduce stress, and aid with organization. For many people, this starts with getting a healthy and proper amount of sleep. 

Have Healthy Sleep & Study Patterns

Condition yourself to go to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep per day (remember to set an alarm so you don’t oversleep). Set aside specific times of your day to study, work on assignments, and complete various academic responsibilities. Keep a planner/calendar (physical or digital) in order to keep track of your assignments and plan out the time requirements needed to complete them.

Set Realistic Academic Goals

With each new semester, it’s great to set goals for yourself to provide areas of focus and assure a sense of accomplishment when you crush them! For example, you could set a goal of a 3.5 GPA over the semester or scoring an internship at one of your favorite companies. Your major priorities and long term aspirations are perfect things to think about when creating your goals. 

Have Written Goals

It’s very important to write your goals down and keep them in a place where you’re constantly reminded of them. Studies in human psychology suggest that when we see something, it affects how we act. With that being said, you’re much more likely to achieve the goals that you set if you have to physically see them every day, rather than just thinking about them. 

Get Exercise

There are many positive impacts of consistent exercise that can benefit you greatly from a physical and mental standpoint. Exercise can improve your mood, boost energy levels, promote better sleep, and enhance your brain health & memory. Check out our Easy Exercises to Add to Your Dorm Room Workout Routine blog post if you’d like some tips and ideas to aid in your fitness journey!

Find Supportive Peers

It’s always a great idea to associate yourself with like-minded individuals who have similar goals and aspirations as you. Whether this be fellow students, teaching assistants, or professors; find people that will push you to accomplish your goals and maximize your potential. You can meet people who fit this criteria in your classes, student organizations, or miscellaneous social events. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be social; that’s what college is all about!

Set Aside Some “Me” Time

While it’s important to work hard and accomplish your goals, it’s also important to celebrate your successes and leave yourself some downtime to relax and unwind. Set aside some time each day to do something that you enjoy. These activities can relieve some of the stress and mental load that rigorous college courses can impose on a college student. Nothing feels better than putting your mind to something, doing the work, and having success; but every now and then, your mind and body can use a bit of a recharge!

By utilizing some or all of these tips, you should be able to find more motivation while in college and gain tons of positive momentum towards your aspirations. We all have down days where we’d rather be doing anything else than school work or productive activities, but it’s always important to look toward the future and be mindful of how your present day actions can impact your future success.

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