How to become a grown-up

Being an adult can be difficult. There are certain rules one has to follow in certain situations, and often those rules are unclear. They no longer have to be, thanks to Kelly Williams Brown’s “Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 468 Easy(ish) Steps.”

While a how-to guide can be dull, Brown spices her book with drawings and real life experiences woven into great tips students (and even people who are already adults) can use in their lifetimes. The subjects range from learning how to cook and what to keep stocked up on, to love and how to handle relationships.

The beginning of the book starts off with the smaller things, such as getting one’s mind right and putting things into a realistic perspective to achieve one’s goals. As the book progresses, the topics get more involved and complicated, just as situations in life. Moving out is a big step, and Brown includes plenty of tips to deal with domestic life away from one’s family. In later chapters, she discusses starting relationships and connecting with your family, things people living away from home often forget. Brown does a fantastic job at making the content easy to understand, while also giving it a humorous curve at times, providing an excellent flow and an interesting read for whomever picks up a copy.

Bored this summer? Getting ready to move? Curious about the proper etiquette when denying an RSVP to a party? Pick up a copy Brown’s book or visit the Adulting Blog and you’ll be growing up in no time!

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