So you’re ready to get fit? Good for you! The hardest part of any workout regime is convincing yourself that you’re ready to make the commitment. It’s often hard to drag yourself to the gym. But whatever the excuse may be, “It’s too far, it’s too cold, it’s raining, I’ll workout tomorrow”, you just have to get up and go for it. Want to know the best part? Sometimes you don’t actually have to go anywhere! Your dorm room can double as a gym, especially in these upcoming colder months. As a result, you are forced to throw the excuses out the window and prepare yourself to sweat.

Here is a list of some easy and effective workout moves that will get your blood pumping, and your body tone in no time—all without leaving your comfort zone, or stepping foot in a gym!

What you need: Dumbbells, water bottle, and preferably a little pump-up music (to get you in the mood!) No dumbbells? No problem! Grab two water bottles or two cans of soup—same difference!

Side Bends
Here’s a personal favorite of mine—and a great place to start if you want to work on that pesky midsection! Grab one of your weights (or water bottles) in your right hand and stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your right arm at your side. Put your left hand on your hip, elbow facing out. Lean to your right, letting your right arm (with the weight or water bottle) hang to just about your knee or mid-thigh. You should feel a slight pull or stretch on your left side. Return to the starting position. Do 25 reps and then switch sides.

No surprise here, but pushups are a sure fire way to feel the burn. They are difficult, but a great exercise to get familiar with and a good tool to tone those arms and chest. Keep your back straight and hiney held high. If you can’t grasp the full pushup right away, do a modified pushup, starting on your knees. Be sure to lower yourself so that your elbows form 90-degree angles. When you come up, extend fully. Do 10 to 20 for starters to test your comfort level. Start slow and take breaks if you need to!

Planks  (With mild alterations!)
So these exercises are a bit of a doosie but really worth your while. To start get into the pushup position and form a triangle with your hands.  Keep your back super straight and hold.  In no time you should feel your midsection working hard! To make planks even more beneficial try these variations!

1. First, try alternate shoulder taps. While in plank position, lift right hand and touch your left shoulder. Return to plank. Next, lift left hand and touch right shoulder and return to plank. Do 20 total taps.

2. The second plank exercise involves curls. Break out your water bottles. Start with the water bottle in right hand, while in plank and do 20 curls. Switch sides, and do 20 curls with left hand while in plank.

3. The third plank exercise involves kicks. While in plank, lift right leg slightly off the ground. Kick up, then lower leg almost to the ground—but don’t touch it. Repeat with left leg. Do 20 total kicks.

Mini-Squat Kicks
For this exercise, start with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Bounce down, then come up and kick to the right with right leg. Return to center, bounce down, come up and kick to the left with left leg. Do 20 total kicks.

So there you have it—a short and sweet routine that will leave you feeling great! If you want to kick it up a notch repeat the total routine 3 times—we want you to really feel the burn!

The final tip I have for you, if you aren’t too exhausted, is to bundle up and go for a walk! Doing moves in your dorm room is a simple way to work out, but nothing compares to a brisk walk to get those legs moving and take in a bit of fresh air.

-Ring Queen

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