What I love most about iTunes U is that everyone can benefit from it, it’s  free, and the sheer amount of information is astounding.  Not just any information though, info produced by professors at top Universities like Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, and UC Berkeley make their lectures available on-line.  Students have a staggering amount of courses to take but limited resources in time and $$$ to learn everything they want or need to know.  Every year, classes are given that take you to Greece for an archeological dig, or out to the Mariana Trench to do research, but the truth is those classes cost more and fill up quickly.  This is exactly the kind of thing you will find on iTunes U, and why eCampus.com thinks it’s a great resource for college kids.  Recommend it to your parents, too if you get tired of hearing the phrase “if only I could go back to school…”

eCampus doesn’t have any affiliation with iTunes (um, if you want to partner Apple, we’d be down, wink wink), we just think it’s a great resource that’s been underused, and anything that helps college students, we’ll pass along to you.  I could totally see finding my next essay topic or discovering a major through this site!

It’s super easy to use: it’s available through the iTunes store with the familiar interface anyone who has bought songs from iTunes is familiar with.


The course downloads in a new tab in the bar where your music, podcasts and playlists are.  Once downloaded it can be played as much as you’d like, free of charge.  These screenshots fall more under the ‘interesting’ category but keep in mind that if you missed a MAT 104 lecture, those types of classes are available as well.  That’s where I forsee listening to the podcast multiple times will come in handy.


That’s really all you need to know to use iTunes U, the rest is up to you to find something you’re interested in.  We bet it won’t take long!

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