Have you heard of  eCampus.com and Best New Ad’s partnership that provides a fantastic opportunity for college students to build their resumes?

What it is:

You, the student, create a video, audio or print advertisement “on spec” for eCampus.com.  What’s unique about this is we give you extremely specific parameters.  If a student were to independently attempt to advertise on spec for a company they would have to guess at the parameters.  eCampus and Best New Ad have made the objectives very clear for you.

How to submit:

Upload a flash file for video, an .MP3 for audio, or a .doc for print advertisement, found on THIS page.

The idea for Best New Ad was conceived as a win-win for everyone: a chance for the bright minds of tomorrow to showcase their talents, and for eCampus.com to tap into that talent.

Whether you submit or not, rate the ones that you like or reply here on the blog.  Best of luck to you all.  We are extremely excited about your submissions!

The deadline is July 27th, so hurry!



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