The First Annual Dormy Awards were announced this week from and the results were definitely interesting! The site ranked college dorms in 6 different categories: Best Dorms in the Country, Worst Dorms in the Country, School with the Best Overall Dorms, Biggest Party Dorms, Dorms with the Hottest Residents and Schools with the Best RAs.

Georgia State brought home the award for the School with the Best Overall Dorms. Biggest Party Dorm? That award went to Briscoe-Shoemaker Building  at Indiana University-Bloomington. And the most coveted award, Dorm with the Hottest Residents, went to Hurst Hall at Mississippi State University.

Dorms might not play a huge role in deciding where students go to college, but it’s definitely a big decision once you’ve picked your school. Do you want to avoid the party scene or be right in the middle of it? Do you care how helpful the RAs are? Maybe you hope to be an RA yourself one day? To read the full list of winners (and losers) check out the results here. Also, if you’re a current college student, be sure to check out the rest of and rank your own dorms!



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