Wonderbread’s Schedule

7:10: Alarm starts going off.  Several slurry expletives uttered.

7:30: Two snoozes later, I stumble to my desk and hit the books.  Why do you have to be so funny every night Jon Stewart?  Why?  Now I’m doing my Italian homework before class.  More curses.

8:15: Get ready for class

8:50: Out the door!

9:00: First class of the day, Italian.  It involves speaking in a foreign language to my peers.  I cannot name one thing about this I like.  Nevertheless, this is my 5thsemester of it.

10:00: Lecture

11:00: Optional Lecture/nap.  I call it optional because I have a good friend in the class who I know will have notes if I miss it.  Also it’s Art History and across campus.  I usually go but today I’ll take a nap in the Student Center before work (because I have no pride and I have a home, okay?  It’s just too far to walk without cutting into nap time).

12:00 – 2:00: Work at my amazing library job I can’t believe I landed.  I usually get to sit at the front desk and get paid to study, and it’s subsidized by Federal Work-Study so I get paid an ungodly sum for doing this.  Score.

2:15: Back in the ole dorm room or scrounging for food and caffeine at this point for afternoon labs, precepts (graded group discussion), or reading/writing for the next day’s class.

If I don’t have any afternoon classes at this point it is extremely tempting to nap/ play DJ Hero/ call the bestie and piece together what happened Saturday night /watch court TV, etc., but 3 years into college and I’ve learned that riding the tide of activity from earlier in the day is how I get some productivity in-between classes and having a life.

Nighttime is an adventure waiting to happen.  You’re surrounded by 1,000s of people your age with free time.  Get to it!

Frat Bro’s Schedule

Well I know Wonderbread likes to start her day off at 7:10 am. But the rest of us normal college students like to start our day at the latest point possible. After 3 years of college, I have followed some golden rules when it comes to scheduling for classes.

  • The golden rule! Never schedule a Friday class if at all possible!
  • Try not to schedule a class before 11am. This has a couple positives.
  • You have enough time to wake up before a test after studying all night and get that last couple hour cram session in.
  • You don’t have to worry as much about the angel on your right shoulder telling you it’s a bad idea to go out during the week.
  • For those of you trying to get a job make sure you clump your classes together so you have time to work after/before.
  • Try and live as close to the building that the majority of your classes will be as possible. This is clutch for that extra 10 minutes of sleep!
  • If you know you are going to have a really hard class. Try and give yourself an hour or so before it. This will give you time for homework and hopefully you wont want to shoot yourself after having already sat through lecture all day.

My day:

7:30 – dreaming about… wouldn’t you like to know

10:40- snooze….

10:50- class is in ten minutes, jump out of bed throw on a hat and some clothes (for some reason they don’t like when you show up in your birthday suit)

11:00- walk in to class as it starts; I try to sit towards the front to help my already dwindling attention rate.

12:00- some other class

1:00- lunch

2:30 – last class

I have taken one or two night classes these aren’t bad depending on the teacher and your willingness to sit in a classroom for 2 and a half hours.

5:00 usually head into work to be a server. I get to hear a lot of people complain for the next 4 hours.



I’m reading Microeconomics