college-classesWhile the media often portrays college as being a time for fun and socialization, you shouldn’t forget that you’re there for one reason: obtaining that diploma so you can go out into the workplace. That, unfortunately, means you have to take several college classes. Sometimes you’ll love them, sometimes you’ll hate them, and sometimes you’ll have to just endure them because you need them for your major. Fear not, though. Here are some tips for how to deal with those situations:

1. Pay attention to class scheduling and add/drop dates. Many colleges send out an email to students telling them when class scheduling will occur for their grade. However, don’t wait until the last minute. College classes fill up fast, and you don’t want to be stuck in school for an extra semester just because you missed one class. Also, colleges only allow classes to be added to a schedule or dropped up to a certain date. Don’t drop too late or add too late, because you can lose money and class information that way.

2. Make sure you meet with your advisors early. Advisors are there to help you. They have several students on their list to take care of, so make sure you’re early and make appointments as soon as possible to meet with them. Also, listen to their advice. If they tell you to take certain college classes, do it. They’ve been doing this longer than you and they know what works.

3. Have a professor you don’t like or you’re nervous about? Go to and search for your school. Most of the teachers will be listed, and many professors teach multiple subjects or there is one subject with multiple professors. See if there’s an alternative course or professor you can take. It doesn’t hurt to try!

4. Stuck in a course with a professor you’re not fond of? Get to know a bit about the professor first before you make any rash judgments. They are people too and don’t like failing students as much everyone thinks. Everything they do is for a reason. Talk to them after class and get to know them if you can, or make sure you pay attention and do extra work. You will make things a lot easier on yourself and them, and you might find out they actually aren’t that bad.

Have any horror stories from add/drop or college classes you were less than excited about? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!


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