Author: Vanessa Robles

Summer 2014 Pump Up Playlist

The 2014 spring semester has officially come to an end! Let’s just take a moment and let that sink in. if you’re reading this: Congratulations, you have officially survived finals week! *Takes deep breath, exhales stress* It’s safe to say the next couple of days we’re all going to be anxiously waiting for semester grades to be posted.

To the 2014 College Graduates: The day that you have been strenuously working towards has finally arrived; you have achieved a very important milestone in your life and this will be no doubt one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. All your hard work and dedication have paid off, and resulted in a college degree. All of us here would like to wish you best of luck as you embark on a new adventure and transition into the professional life. Congratulations grad, you’ve earned it.

Okay, okay, I’m done with all the sappy stuff. Let’s get back to the fun.

Who’s pumped up for summer? I know I am! Because I know many of you are heading back home or kicking off summer with a road trip to the beach, I decided to share with you the current playlist that my friends and I have been blasting through our open car windows. This fun summer playlist is full of quirky electric ballads that will have you tapping your toes and dancing in your seat

Music Festival Dos and Don’ts

Music Festival Crowdimage source

My Tumblr feed has recently been plagued with colorful flower can only mean one thing, the music festival season has arrived. Obviously, each music festival is different from the other; the location, genre, price, and size change from event to event. However, one thing is for certain: the energy is always electric. I have had both good and not so great experiences attending several festivals these past few years, and I decided to share my top Music Festival Dos and Don’ts. Ready? Let’s begin.

Music Festivalimage source

1. Don’t wear open-toed shoes.

I can’t tell you how many girls I witnessed lose their flip flops/sandals due to dancing and occasional muddy weather. Do yourself a favor protect your feet and avoid shoe malfunction by wearing closed toe shoes.

2. Don’t bring an oversized purse.

Keep your bag size to a minimum; go for a slouched cross-body bag or a stylish fanny-pack that can fit all of your essentials.

3. Don’t style your hair.

Chances are those intricate hairdos that you spent hours on will come undone the moment your favorite performer steps on stage.  Go for a braided look or a messy bun look instead. These simple hairstyles will help you look effortlessly chic.

4. Don’t wear heavy makeup. 

You will sweat, I repeat, YOU WILL SWEAT. A LOT.  Music festivals are giant sweat fests that will leave you with raccoon eyes if you’re not careful. Keep your makeup light and simple: a long-lasting lip stain, bronzer, and a bit of mascara should do the trick!

5. Wear Sunscreen. You will be outside in the sun for hours which can only lead to one thing. Sunburn. Make sure you protect yourself by lathering on sunscreen every 2-3 hours. Your skin will thank you later.

Summer Music Festivalsimage source

Music festivals are all about having fun! Enjoy the good vibes, dance with a stranger, and eat chocolate covered bacon on a stick! Make memories that will last you a lifetime.

Love Always, Pinterest

Being introduced to Pinterest was the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. I have, however, learned how great Pinterest actually is.

1. Recipes. FEAR NO COOKING PAN! Pinterest has been proven to help turn you from Ramen Noodle Nancy to a 5 star chef in just a matter of minutes. Pinterest is full of endless amounts of fast, easy, tasty and healthy step by step instructions of recipes that will taste like a party in your mouth. It’ll be impossible to go back to eating microwave dinners after scrolling through your timeline.

CAUTION: you may possibly burn down your building in the process of attempting to be the next Betty Crocker, don’t worry your friends will thank you when they see all the cute firefighters.

2. Appearance. You can easily spruce up your dorm room with quick simple D.I.Y crafts, put together outfits for the week, and makeup/hair tips to help you look “natural” in your 9:00am class so you could catch that cutie’s eye without looking like you’re trying too hard. Who said you can’t be Fabulous on a budget?!

CAUTION: If your D.I.Y. crafts end up looking like a kindergartener’s art project…give all the credit to your roommate!

3. Dream Wedding. In the world of Pinterest, planning out every last detail to your dream wedding while you’re still single is totally normal. If you want to have the best and most memorable wedding ever you’re going to need to prepare 4,5,6 or heck maybe 10 years in advance, darling it’ s never too early. Besides who needs to pay thousands of dollars for a fancy wedding planner when you have a Pinterest account?! With the money you save from not hiring a planner you can use it for your dream honeymoon which you can also plan on Pinterest. *hint, hint*

CAUTION: Mentioning your Pinterest wedding board on the first date is not the ideal ice breaker, you may just end up walking back to campus alone.

Pinterest is the ultimate survival guide of living on a budget. You can be super hip without having to move back in with your parents. Be careful, you might get hooked.


Check out our eCampus Pinterest when you have some free time:

4 Motivations to Work Out This Spring

Thinking about skipping Gym day? You might want to think again, not only is exercise good for your heart and helps keep the “freshman 15” from making an appearance. Exercise has also been proven to help increase brain power and memory. And honey, with midterms and spring break around the corner we’re going to need all the brain power we can get! 


Gain Energy

Do you hate the crash and exhaustion you feel after your caffeine high dies down? You’re not the only one. Regular physical activity has been proven to improve endurance and muscle strength which gives you the energy that helps you think clearer and faster. Who knew?

Focus Better

Regular Exercise helps improve your focus and memory.  Regular exercise releases endorphins which have been shown to improve memory, making it easier to memorize those equations and vocabulary terms. The brain is a muscle. The healthier this muscle is, the more information it can absorb and retain.

Be Happier

I don’t know about you but the thought of any type of exam puts me in a sour mood. Who wants to spend 6 hours in a library on a beautiful day? Fret no more you debby downers! According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise releases hormones called endorphins and serotonin, which helps improve your mood and reduce symptoms of depression.

Relieve Stress

Let’s be honest juggling endless amounts of homework, campus social events, and extracurricular activities can be pretty stressful. Exercise is the best way to relieve stress and tension. Whether it’s a brisk 20 minute run or jog, a yoga class or just stretching in your dorm room being active can naturally release stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

I know fitting gym time into your already busy schedule might seem like a challenge, but trust me it’s worth it. Besides not only will daily exercise help get you ready for bikini season but it will also play a role in increasing your GPA, you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

How to Rock Flying Solo on Valentine’s Day

Single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t sweat it! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate February 14th on your own terms, and not cupid’s but please be warned of possible outcomes.

1.  Dance Party: Dance the night away with a group of your single friends in your living room or local club.  Once you get lost in the beat you’ll forget that you’re single!


WARNING: You will be reminded why going to clubs never helped your relationship status before.  This will happen when you meet guys who introduce themselves to you as “the situation” or insert other foolish nickname.  But no need to worry tonight is all about you and your girls. Tell “Mike” to please put his shirt back on so you can get back to celebrating being young, wild and free.  You don’t want to put in an awkward situation.  (see what I did there)

2.  Movie Marathon: Invite friends over and have each one bring a movie with hunky actors and let the eye candy marathon begin!  Oh hello there, Ryan Gosling.

ryan gosling

WARNING: You will most likely develop unrealistic expectations for guys. Let’s be honest, it is hard to find a man who can match up to Ryan Gosling’s body and smile.  My best tip is to date him tonight and then forget you ever saw him. 

3.  Dinner Date: Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and go out to eat! Round up some single friends and go out to a fancy restaurant. Make sure you treat yourself to a desert. (Go on! It’s Valentine’s Day no one is counting calories!)


WARNING:  You will want to eat your body weight in  (insert favorite dessert). You also will have no regrets due to the looming embellished fear that you will be alone for the rest of your life so it does not matter. DIG IN because this is not true!!! Enjoy the night because you will forget about Valentine’s Day next week.

4.  Spoil Yourself: Let’s be honest, being single isn’t as easy as it seems. You deserve to buy yourself those pair of shoes you have been eyeing or get a mani-pedi with your best friend, you’re worth every penny.

shoppingWARNING:  You may end up ripping out your best friends hair over the same red sweater (see above picture). Just kidding! Play nice with your friends.  You probably want them to have someone to hang out with today.

5.  Explore: Go out for a hike or go bike riding around the town with some friends and end your adventure with a nice evening pot-luck style picnic. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about fancy restaurants and chocolates?


WARNING: This will be awesome.  The worst that can happen is maybe falling, bug bites….and fun things like that.  Go ahead, the world is yours independent woman.

Whether you decide to dance the night away at the local club or spend the night on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, just remember that valentine’s day is not just about being showered in gifts and fancy dinners, it’s about loving yourself and the people around you.