Lots of movies are being remade, or rethought; whether the remakes are pale in comparison or surpass the special effects, there are some classic movies that should never be remade in my opinion. This is a list of 80’s movies that should not remade. If you have not seen any of these movies you should definitely add them to your rainy day movie list!

The Breakfast Club

80's movies
This is one of those movies that you watch, and you’re like wow, that was pretty cool. It’s not about saving the world, and there isn’t explosions but a group of teens locked in a library for a Saturday is still pretty cool. The movie has teens interacting from different social groups, and having fun. A great movie to watch if you’re with friends or having a movie date.

Back To The Future

All three of these movies are brilliant. A crazy scientist, a teen, and time travel. What else could you ask for? They find time travel, and Marty travels back in time to save Doc, and along the way he meets his teenage parents and tries to help them out too. A great movie if you want to laugh.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

80's movies
If you haven’t seen this movie, you’re seriously missing out. Ferris skips school and paints the town red. He takes his girlfriend and his best friend with him, all while trying to escape the principle and Ferris’ sister. Seriously, watch this movie, it will cheer you up even if you’re crying and haven’t left the house in three days.

Drop a comment below and tell me your opinions on these picks and which 80’s movies you think are so awesome they should not be remade.


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