Being single on Valentine’s Day does not have to be dull.  If you’re bummed about not having a Valentine this year, here are some ideas to make it a great day anyway!

1. Cook your favorite food.

Valentine's Day ideas 1

Cook a meal that makes you really happy.  Comfort food or a favorite family recipe is always a good choice.  Valentine’s Day is about loving yourself just as much as any other kind of love, so treat yourself!

2. Have a movie marathon.

Valentine's Day ideas 2

Have some of your close single friends over and watch a ton of movies and eat some good snacks.  Pick movies you all love, ones you all haven’t seen before or have everyone bring their favorite movie.

3. Go shopping.

Valentine's Day ideas 3

Go for some retail therapy this Valentine’s Day! Go by yourself or with a group of single friends. Pro Tip: Don’t make this an errands type of shop, treat yourself to something you don’t really need but will make you happy. You’re worth it!

4. Throw a themed party.

Valentine's Day ideas 4

You can throw a Valentine’s Day themed party to liven up the night! Getting your friends together for a fun night is always great and a theme adds to the fun. Pro Tip: Invite over both your male and female single friends and maybe love will spark!

5. Have a board game night.

Valentine's Day ideas 5

A little friendly competition can turn into a great time and board games are great for making that happen.  You can go for classic board games from your childhood or go for some more adult games.  Just go for whatever you think you and your friends will have more fun with and you’re good to go!

6. Have a Baking Party.

Valentine's Day ideas 6

Who needs an excuse to bake some Valentine’s themed treats?  There is something for everyone: heart-shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes or frosted brownies? I’ll take all three. Have everyone decorate his/her treats with whatever toppings you pick up (red or pink icing, heart-shaped sprinkles, candy pieces, etc.).

Pro Tip: Most importantly this Valentine’s Day: treat yourself!  Do something that you really enjoy.  Hang out with people who make you happy.  Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be alone.  Don’t get hung up about not having a significant other.  You can have just as much fun with some good friends and good food!

I hope these Valentine’s Day ideas for singles helps you have the perfect day. Comment below with your favorite idea!