Any college student knows the value of a dollar of today’s economy, mainly because they are eating Ramen out of a Styrofoam dish in their dorm room. Does that sound familiar? Well, put down the flimsy plastic cutlery and bust out your student ID. Here are 5 sure-fire ways to save in college without skimping meals or going bankrupt!

1.Check with your campus’ Student Life office about local places you can get discounts. Many restaurants and clothing stores close to college campuses offer 10% or 15% off for students. You could have paid full price for a pizza or a pair of jeans you could have gotten a discount on. Comprehensive lists of chain locations can be found online (including Apple and Subway).

2. Think you’re stuck using the campus bookstore for books you need? Think again, friends. Even if you wait until the last minute, there are always ways to get discounted textbooks online. allows you to buy, sell and rent textbooks. A book that costs $150 off the shelf of you campus bookstore could cost $2.50 online. That’s $147.50 for food and activities. Goodbye, Ramen!

student discount3. Don’t be impatient and rush out to buy the latest software, hardware, or technology there is out there. Did Microsoft come out with the latest edition of Windows or Office during the summer? Wait until the start of the school year or check to see if your campus IT department is open during the summer. Many campuses give students software and hardware for free (not really free, if you look at the fees for tuition), or you can go online and see what companies offer discounts or deals. Adobe offers a discount for many of their products for students, and Academic Superstore lists a lot of popular hardware and software on their website for a discounted price.

4. Buy in bulk. Taking a daily trip to the grocery store or to Walmart gets to be tiring. Head over to Sam’s Club or Costco and get all you need in bulk. Want hamburgers? Get a 50-pack that you can use for a while. Craving Capri-Sun? Get that in a box of 30. Here in a bonus: Sam’s Club offers a collegiate membership so you can save on college essentials!

5. Do you really need to have that new pair of Beats headphones or the latest Coach handbag? You will survive without it. Big brands are not a big deal. Getting an education and being able to survive on your own is. Skip buying the big name brand products and settle for the generic. Cannot live without a certain print? Check out all the crafty DIYs on Pinterest and make your own!

What student discounts have you used recently? Let us know in the comments!


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