Mack Brown

Some college coaches out there are rollin’ in the deep. Deep piles of money that is. Ever wonder how much your favorite coach makes? Some of these basketball and football coaches are worth enough zero’s to pay for your entire college education and beyond! Here’s the tip of the iceberg with the top 10 earners in college football and basketball.

10. Kirk Ferentz – University of Iowa – $5,783,000
Kirk Ferentz, head coach for University of Iowa football, rounds out the top ten college coaches salaries. Beginning his 14th year at Iowa, he’s won the Dave McClain Big Ten Coach of the Year award three times in just eight years, joining just a handful of other coaches in this honor, including the late Joe Paterno.

9. Brady Hoke – University of Michigan – $5,814,000
Brady Hoke, head football coach for University of Michigan, has over 29 years of coaching experience. Originally the defensive coach at Michigan, he was pivotal in the team’s three Big 10 Championships. Likely there will be more victories in his future.

8. Bobby Petrino – University of Arkansas – $5,976,600
Bobby Petrino, football coach for University of Arkansas, has been the big cheese for four seasons now and lead them to their first BCS appearance. Go Razorbacks!

7. Will Muschamp – University of Florida – $6,341,500
Will Muschamp, head football coach of University of Florida, comes in at number 7. The Gators’ head coach has a contract to remain with the school until at least 2016, posted a 7-6 record in his first season with the team, but they expect an even better second season.

6. Bob Stoops – University of Oklahoma – $6,767,700
Bob Stoops, head football coach of University of Oklahoma since 1999, has brought his team to 7 Big 12 Championships. He’s has 24 National Award winners and 2 Heisman Trophy winners—hence the large salary.

5. Rick Pitino – University of Louisville – $7,531,378
And we’ve got a head basketball coach making an appearance! Louisville’s Rick Pitino has been coach for 11 seasons, and he’s the only coach in history to take three different teams to the NCAA Final Four. He has 25 seasons under his belt as head coach for four different colleges.

4. Les Miles – Louisiana State University – $7,639,286
Les Miles takes fourth place. He’s the head football coach for Louisiana State University with 7 years of experience under his belt. He’s lead the team to their most successful seasons in the history of the program, including 75 victories, two SEC titles and a second trip to the BCS National Championships.

3. Gene Chizik – Auburn University – $7,696,450
Gene Chizik, head football coach for Auburn University, rounds out the top three earners in college sports. Coaching the team since 2009, he has led them to new heights, including a 14-0 2010 season and a BCS National Championship. Looks like he’s a champ in more ways than one.

2. Nick Saban – University of Alabama – $8,519,683
The runner-up is Nick Saban! The head football coach for the University of Alabama is certainly not hurting for cash. His salary makes him among the top highest paid football coaches ever, including those on a professional level.

1. Mack Brown – University of Texas – $8,810,300
The winner is Mack Brown! Head football coach for the University of Texas, he has been with the Longhorns for 15 seasons. It seems they really appreciate his dedication as he’s brought the team to high expectations, and even won several awards for being the best coach, including 2009 Big 12 Coach of the Year. Congratulations, Mr. Brown!

There are tons of college coaches out there for football and basketball whose salaries continue to creep up and up. These ten earners are worth big bucks, but they’re just a handful among a huge field of coaches.


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