Happy 11th Birthday!!


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Here are a few weird birthday traditions from around the world.
Various types of birthday pinching:

Ireland – “Bumping” – the birthday kid is lifted upside down and bumped onto the ground, one time for every year

Italy – The birthday kid’s ears are tugged once for each year

Scotland – a pound(money) and a soft smack for each year

Other birthday traditions:

Russia – They eat pies, not cakes. (id totally be okay with that!)

Norway – When it’s your birthday at school you stand up in front of the rest of the students, choose a classmate, and do a little birthday dance.

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10 Year Anniversary!

Today is’s Ten Year Anniversary Celebration! How the time has flown, it seems like just yesterday that we first sat down, January 20,1999 to be exact!, and discussed the possibility of opening a company like We began writing code in February and the rest is history! If you are wanting to play one of the games developed by or watch some of our old commercials, make sure to visit our Anniversary Celebration page! Thanks for helping stay alive for all these years!!



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