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The Downloadable College Dorm Essentials Checklist

Dorm Room Checklist

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In these last few weeks of summer, the last thing most students are worried about is packing and buying things for their new dorm room or apartment. With some planning and initiative, as well as some bargain hunting, moving into a new dorm can be a fun and exciting experience. It gives many students a chance to express themselves in an entirely new way. Whether it’s the comforter with pizzazz, multi-colored storage bins, or your favorite bands’ poster on the wall, what you buy can make your new place truly your own. Hand-me-downs from your older brother or sister are usually the cheapest way to furnish your new space, but for those unique things that truly make it personalized you may have to spend a little money. Let us help you avoid the daze that looms over college freshman with a checklist that includes EVERYTHING that you will need this upcoming year. Attached is a printable checklist that you can use as a guide for this back-to-school season. Here is a highlight of just a few key items on the list:

Download PDF>>> Dorm Checklist

1. Stackable Foot Lockers

Spice up any dorm with fun, stackable footlockers. They are perfect for stacking away your everyday t-shirts and jeans, or tossing all your shoes into.

2. Duvet Sets

Need a hint for college bedding? Buy a down comforter and duvet cover for easy to was bedding. Washing a comforter is a pain, but with a down comforter you can just take off the duvet cover, throw it in the wash, and put it back on.

3. Date Organized Calendar

These calendars are perfect because they keep you organized with your busy school schedule, but you can also be creative because they are usually dry-erase. Turn a boring class calendar into a creative, colorful board.

4. iPod Dock

Here is an instant way to meet friends around the dorm! Prop open the door and turn on some jams with an iPod dock to invite in some people from your residence hall.

5. The Mini Stapler

This item has become one of my top must-haves in college the past few years. A mini stapler can sit on your desk in your dorm, or travels around easily in your bag. This item is great to have on those mornings that a paper is due and you totally forgot to staple the pages together. It is a great way to meet people in class, because there is bound to be a person needing to borrow!

After you get all of your dorm essentials and desk supplies, don’t forget to rent your books at

Download PDF>>> Dorm Checklist



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Guest Post: David Cristello of Go! Financial Aid

You’re in college, you got your classes set, and now what? Internship time! Obviously internships are a great way of getting to know your field, but many students end up being stuck as coffee drones doing the most menial task that company X couldn’t outsource. Listen, I’ve been there, and I’ve seen the light…not all internships suck! Along the way I’ve had a couple of internships, and I’ve found some basic guidelines to review before accepting an internship.


What are the hours and location commitment of the internship? If they want 20 hours a week of unpaid work, this might literally bust your bank account in a month. Chances are that any internship requiring this much time will actually pay you, but be weary of anyone who wants to pay you 20 hours a week in experience. Unless your working for a major brand, industry leader, or personal hero, skip out on the extra hours and find something that won’t sour your experience. In addition to time, another consideration is location. In 2005 Thomas Friedman declared the world was flat, and this applies to internships! Make a list of people or sites you wish to work for, and began crafting an email where you tell them specific things you can do for them. This will get them interested and give you room to negotiate an ideal virtual internship! If you can’t figure out specific examples of how you can help, then at least list specific skills you can bring to the table (sorry but listing “energetic” is too generic, list specific skills you had to work at to obtain).


The best internships will outline how they want you to progress through the program, and lead up to tasks that carry more responsibility. Seek out these positions! The act of carrying something (at least in part) on your own is great experience for when you have to do it in the real world. The best internships hired you because you stood out, and they will give you responsibility because you’ve proven that you can handle the work. If you can’t land a stellar internship first go, then start out low, then progress to the ideal internship (this skill alone is useful for the real world).

What will you be learning?

Time to be brutally honest. What will you learn as a result of this internship? Make skills/experience do you want to have? And will this internship fill it? If not, start searching other organizations that will teach you what you want to learn. The approach isn’t the same as school, where your forced to learn certain things. The internship should be focused on your personal need for education.

Also look at these factors when determining which internship is best for you. Remember that your a committing a significant amount of time to these positions, so part of the process should involve you interviewing them! Find out exactly what they need, and make sure it’s an experience you will value!

David Cristello is a recent graduate and Manager of Business Development at Go Financial Aid, a company that consists of financial aid consultants who seek to help students maximize their FAFSA, CSS Profile, and financial aid packages. In his spare time he enjoys reading, skateboarding, drumming, rock climbing, and social work.



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Top 10 Events of the last 10 years that helped shape america and our future.

Our designers are at it again. This time they compiled a list of the top ten events of the past 10 years that shaped your lives and our country and threw it all into an awesome infographic for your viewing pleasure. From Harry Potter, to iPods, to Obama, its all there.

Top 10 Events that Shaped the Past 10 Years



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What the Heck is Labor Day?

I always thought it was a day for my parents to celebrate the fact that my brothers and I wouldn’t be spending our weekdays at home. A.k.a. back to school and the end of the summer. I was wrong. Labor Day was started in the early 1880’s to exhibit the “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations”. What it really means is that Labor Day is a National Holiday giving everyone a day of rest in appreciation of their hard work during the rest of the year. Here are a few ways we thought of to help you kick back and relax this Labor Day.

White Party

    – In case you didn’t know, Labor Day Weekend is the last weekend of the summer that it is acceptable to wear white. So have a white party. Tell your guests that all attire must be white and make sure there are no bright red beverages.


        – I know we love to tell you to go camping on the weekends but the weather should be just about perfect this time of year, and the bugs are minimal. Check out

       to find a place to camp near you!

Go to the Lake

    – Labor Day weekend is one of the biggest weekends in the country for lake goers. Find a cool dock near you and join the party.


    – Most Cities across the country will have a Labor Day Parade, this would be a good time to get out and maybe hit up your local downtown for some funnel cakes and carnie games. If that’s what your into.

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Watch out for the Dislike button!

The eCampus blog is dedicated to keeping you informed in all matters of college life and we know that Facebook is a big one. So here’s another Facebook safety tip. According to CNN Tech web spammers have been spreading a fake “dislike” button that has caused issues for many already. Post’s like this one “I just got the Dislike button, so now I can dislike all of your dumb posts lol!!” have been showing up on peoples walls followed by a link that takes you to a fake FB application. The application doesn’t actually allow you to add a dislike button but it does harm your account. It silently spreads the same message to all of your friends leading them into the hoax. The application can also steal your personal information. Facebook seems to have no plan to add a dislike functionality in the near future so be careful when you see anything referring to it. Currently Facebook claims to be trying to block the application but, in case you already downloaded it here’s how to get rid of the application:

  • Open the account menu in the top right of the screen and choose application settings. You should be able to disable the application from there.



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