After you start college, most people begin to realize that their metabolism begins to slow down and weekend activities of going out and late night eating are beginning to catch up to them. You can help this problem by beating the massive weight gain that can come from Thanksgiving dinner. If you are dieting or not, you can keep your Thanksgiving dinner light and healthy but still filling. Also, following with the right steps can do wonders!

Before Dinner

  • Whether you are dieting or not, do not go into your Thanksgiving dinner setting too many limits or goals. You don’t need to skip the delicious pumpkin pie dessert just because you think it will push you over the edge. Also, you don’t need to overindulge just to be the one that brags about getting seconds, thirds, and fourths.
  • Have a normal dinner the night before and a light lunch the day of. Don’t starve yourself because you are looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner. Your stomach needs to expand to fit all the food you plan on eating, and not eating will slow your metabolism leading to weight gain after making up for it at dinner.

At Dinner

  • Take your time eating and don’t stuff down food because you think it is going to run out. I don’t think I have ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner that did not have some leftovers for the next day, so DON’T WORRY. Talk to people and enjoy more than just the food.
  • Eat normal sized portions. There is such a variety of food at Thanksgiving dinner that even if you eat the same portions you usually would, you are eating a little bit of everything which is more than your normal dinner intake.
  • If you are trying to diet, stay away from the cheesy items, lots of gravy, or avoid whip cream during dessert. Little things like this can help save a few calories.
  • If you are still hungry, don’t be afraid to go back for seconds. It doesn’t matter how many times you go up as long as you are not eating passed the point of being full. Remember, dessert is still on the way!

After Dinner

  • Sit a bit and have some coffee with the family. Have a little bit of caffeine to keep you from going into a food coma right after you leave the table.
  • Go on a walk instead of sitting around. Take the dog on a walk or take a walk through the neighborhood with a grandparent or someone you don’t always see. This is a great time for family bonding, not just sleeping.
  • The next day don’t stuff yourself again. Because your stomach is stretched out from the big dinner the night before, you are going to feel very hungry. Have your normal breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have healthy snacks between if you still feel hungry.


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