It’s that time of year again: HALLOWEEN! If you are a college student then it’s likely that you are on the lookout for the perfect, low-budget DIY costumes to wear to all the parties. came up with homemade costume ideas that you can easily throw together for your upcoming Halloween parties. We’ve provided directions for each idea, but strongly encourage you to think outside the box and use your own creativity to make these the best Halloween costumes ever!


The Great American Eclipse

The chance for this costume to make sense will (literally) not come for another 7 years. So take advantage of the most overrated solar event of 2017 and dress as The Great American Eclipse this Halloween. You can go simple or complex with this idea. Track down two pairs of eclipse glasses and some miniature American flags. One person will dress as the sun- with either a white or yellow shirt. And the other person will be the moon, dressed in dark clothes. Feel free to paint a piece of foam board in the shape of the sun and moon to pin to your shirts.
Pro Tip: To sell this costume, the “moon” will need to awkwardly walk in front of the “sun” for most of the night.



She’s one creepy little girl that we all secretly want to be. Eleven from Netflix’s Stranger Things stole our hearts last year one frozen waffle at a time. We love her even more because a) the second season is finally here and b) anyone on a budget can channel her powers this Halloween. You’re one Goodwill trip away from scoring the perfect pink dress to start this costume. Get or borrow an over-sized blue jacket and finish off that frost-bitten box of Eggos in the freezer. Unless you want to invest in a bald-cap, tie or slick your hair back to create the illusion of a buzz cut. Go totally 80’s by up-cycling a white pair of tube socks and use a permanent marker to create blue stripes. Pro Tip: Make this into the ultimate group costume by grabbing several friends and finishing out the iconic cast!


Taylor Swift 2.0 (Zombie Edition)

Look what you made us do. TSwift may be at the top of the pop charts but this latest video shows her 6 feet under. This costume can be achieved several different ways. Find an old white or cream sheet to rip up and roll around in the dirt. Cut and tie the sheet into a dress; use safety pins for the shoulders and a white belt or extra sheet material for your waist. To get Taylor’s dead hair vibe, add some gel to make it look matted then throw some baby powder on your roots (not too much or you’ll get into Golden Girls territory). Make sure to carry around a tombstone (aka a painted piece of foam board) with the words “Here Lies Taylor Swift’s Reputation”.  Pro tip: If you can find a cheap floor length dress, you can skip a step and go straight to rubbing it in the dirt.


Newt Scamander

Our obsession with all things Harry Potter will never end – so we know you practically ran to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them last year. So pull out that wand that doubles as a dowel rod and let’s make some magic this Halloween. To transform into this 1920s wizard, you’ll need to pull a plain white dress shirt from your closet, brown pants and brown boots. Skip into Goodwill (or your roommate’s closet) to get a long navy peacoat – the more vintage the better. If you’re feeling crafty, buy some cheap black fabric and safety pins to make a skinny bow-tie. Grab a striped scarf, a briefcase, and a wand – you’re done! Pro tip: There are a ton of YouTube videos showing you how to transform a dowel rod into a realistic Harry Potter-esque wand – try it out!

DIY Halloween Costume - Rainbow Puke Snapchat Filter


Rainbow Puke

TBH, you are already wearing filters most of the day as you Snapchat. You may as well rock it at this year’s Halloween party! For the ever-popular rainbow puke filter, the costume necessities are super simple. You’ll need blush for your cheeks which most people already have. If not, you can pick some up really cheap at your local dollar store. You can also grab some white eye shadow cheap there to dust around your eyes for that glow-y look. For the rainbow puke you can use markers, paint, fabric or felt. Pro tip: If you use fabric or felt, try double-sided tape. The rest of the outfit is up to you! However, the rainbow will stand out best against a plain white or black shirt.

DIY Halloween Costume - Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn

Trying to be bad guy this Halloween? Channel your inner crazy with Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. For hair dye you can pick up some temporary hair dye for cheap or even more resourceful, use koolaid. Here’s a 4 minute tutorial to master her makeup. If you don’t have the makeup used, a way to save money is meeting up with a friend who has a good collection you can use. Budget her clothes with finding inexpensive pieces and altering them as needed. For example, buy a white three quarter length shirt and use markers for the text and baseball stripes or for her bottoms, use a swimsuit you already have lying around. For accessories, grab a bat from your garage next time you’re home or make a fake one using cardboard rolls from paper towels or toilet paper.

DIY Halloween Costume - Deadpool



Dress up as your favorite antihero this Halloween! The Deadpool costume is simple, yet awesome. To recreate his look wear red pants and a red shirt and use black and grey duct tape for the details. You can pick up a red ski mask or use face paint for his mask.




Ah, the mother of dragons! Khaleesi is a widely loved character by both men and women from the popular book and TV series Game of Thrones. To master her look, take a halter or bikini top and attach a tan triangle piece of material to the front. For her bottom half, take a couple of pieces of brown cloth to create a skirt or multiple hanging pieces that cover your body like a skirt and tie a couple pieces around your biceps. Pair with brown boots and a long, bleach blonde wig. Crimp the wig or your hair and braid two pieces back on each side. Buy some toy dragons and tape them to your shoulders or carry them around. There’s usually a big bin of these at the super store.

Jon Snow: Jon Snow is another fan favorite from the popular book and TV series Game of Thrones. For his look, you’ll want black pants with black material over them to resemble a skirt, accompanied by a black top, black cape and black boots. Find or make the cape and boots with fur if you can. A black shag rug can be used to mock fur on the cape. Pick up a toy sword or create your own using cardboard and spray paint. You’ll also need a mid length curly, black wig that you should part down the center. If you already have similar hair just style accordingly. Bonus points if you have a dog that resembles a direwolfe!

Ice Cube: Drawing inspiration from the oh so successful blockbuster Straight Outta Compton, hit up the thrift store for some Los Angeles Raiders gear. Unless of course you’re already a Raiders fan then raid your own closet. You’ll also want a curly black medium length wig. If you can rap at all, bust out some beats at the party!

Donald Trump: Wear a spiffy suit with a shiny tie and find an awfully unrealistic toupee-like wig. Make sure to talk as loudly as possible about how rich you are. You should also practice some of his most infamous facial expressions.

Kim Kardashian: The woman who published the book Selfish in 2015, made up of only of her “selfies”. Kim is most famous for her “junk in your trunk” a.k.a her backside.  Rumor is they actually sell foam bottoms you can stick in a dress or pants to mimic Kim if you can find one. Make sure to wear something very form fitting and heels. Also get a long, black wig if needed. Don’t forget to take out your cell phone out all night and snap lots of “selfies” by yourself and with other people!

Crazy Eyes: She is arguably the most entertaining character from the popular Netflix TV series Orange is the New Black. To be crazy eyes you will need either tan or orange scrubs. If you luck out you might be able to find cheap scrubs at the thrift store. If not, the superstore is probably your best option. Use black sharpie or black duck tape to write DOC on your scrubs. Twist your hair into little tiny buns all over the top of your head. Don’t forget to practice your crazy eyes…

Dominic Toretto: The token bad boy from the popular Fast and the Furious movies. This costume is best for a guy who doesn’t mind shaving his head.  However, there are ways around shaving your head to get the look (think swimming cap). You will need a black muscle shirt with the sleeves ripped off, an over sized cross necklace, black pants and black boots. Walk up to random people at the party and ask if they want to race.


arrow-leftTaylor Swift

Taylor makes being awesome look effortless sometimes which makes dressing up as her easier than you think. Grab some black shorts, your favorite screen tee (bonus if it has some Taylor lyrics or anything about a cat on it), red lipstick, pretty flats and some bold sunglasses to create this look. If you’re not blonde, you of course want to pick up a blonde wig as well. If you’re a big Taylor fan, you should tweet your final look to her. She loves hearing from her fans!

Hipster Disney Princesses: This solo or group costume is a fun 21st century spin on the classic Disney Princess costume. Wear normal, everyday hipster  clothes that resemble the princess of your choice. Make sure to top off the outfit with the appropriate hair/wig and embellishments. Create a sign using foam board that reads a hipster phrase that fits your princess. Examples: Snow White “I had an apple before Steve Jobs.” Ariel “I left the ocean because it was too current.”

Effie Trinket: The over the top but oh so fun to watch escort of the District 12 tributes in the popular book and movie trilogy The Hunger Games. To pull off Effie’s look you will need a top or jacket with puffy shoulders and a skirt that matches. Shirts and jackets accompanied by a large broach, embellishment or flower are the best. The thrift store may be your best friend in this quest! You’ll likely need a blonde afro wig as well unless your own hair can be styled this way. Find a large matching flower at your local craft supply store or super center to stick in your hair front and center. Paint your face white, use dramatic lipstick and add some colored eyelashes to top off the look!

Katniss Everdeen: She’s the underdog and fan favorite of the trilogy The Hunger Games. This one is pretty simple. All you need to do with your hair is french braid it. For the clothes: go to the thrift store and find either a black jacket or a hunter green military type jacket. Also search for some combat boots if you don’t have any already. For pants just wear black jeans/leggings tucked into the boots. Last but not least, the weapon. Go to a superstore or even a dollar store and get a cheap “toy” bow and arrow and you’re set!

Peeta: He’s another fan favorite of the trilogy The Hunger Games. You’ll need a black tee, a black jacket, army green cargo pants and some boots. For your hair, mess it up a little with some hair gel. Don’t forget a toy knife, Peeta’s choice of weapon. Find the cutest Katniss at the party and drop her a line. It’s worth a shot!


arrow-leftMagic Mike

Alright boys, who is confident enough to show off what they’re working with? There isn’t much to this costume. Grab some black pants and a black bow-tie. No shirt, no problem. If you need to, do some preparing for this costume by adding an ab workout to your daily routine a couple before Halloween. You can also spray paint on abs if it’s too late! Practice your best dance moves and make all the girls stare at the party! If you can break dance that’s definitely a bonus!

Heisenberg- Breaking Bad: Everyone’s favorite bad guy! For the Heisenberg look, pair together some khakis, a belt and a checkered button down covered up by a dark jacket. You will also need a black hat and glasses. If you already have facial hair, shave your best goatee. If you don’t, you can buy or paint/draw on fake facial hair for the night.

Bruno Mars: For Bruno, you’ll need a top hat, a tight undershirt, a fitted jacket and skinny jeans. You can be creative with colors because he’s rocked almost every combo. You will also want to carry around a microphone. If you don’t have one, you can make a fake microphone using a cardboard tube and a ball. You will need glue and spray paint for the DIY microphone. Practice some of his dance moves to show off at the party. You’re sure to be a lady killer!

Barden Bella: The singing group of ladies from the popular blockbusters Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. This costume you could rock solo or get a group of your girlfriends together to make it a group costume. Do you have a navy blue interviewing skirt and jacket? Perfect. Partner it with a white collared undershirt and rock the pulled back with a bump hair-do. Don’t forget heels and a dainty scarf tired around your neck. You can also make a t-shirt microphone with black pipe cleaner and a black spray painted packing peanut. If you’re rocking the costume as a group, rehearse some of the Barden Bella’s songs and perform for everyone at the party!

Bumblebee: You can go a couple of different ways with this one! Pick a base: yellow dress with black tights or yellow top with a black skirt. Use black duck tape to create your stripes on your dress or shirt. Use black marker or make-up to color the tip of your nose black. Attach two pipe cleaners with a puff ball on the ends to a headband. You’ll the be the buzzzz…of the party!


arrow-leftNetflix and Chill

For all you meme-loving bros out there, this costume if for you. Throw on some sweatpants, slippers and a red t-shirt. Either use white duck tape or paint to write Netflix on your shirt.  You can also print off the logo and tape it to your shirt. Bring out a bag of ice with you. You may come in handy to anyone in need. The less messy version is sticking bubble wrap inside of a clear bag with the word ICE or CHILL on it.

Wayne and Garth: Your favorite guys from the forever-classic movie Wayne’s World. For Wayne, wear an old pair of jeans that you won’t mind ripping the knees out of, a black t shirt and a black hat.  You can use white puff paint to write Wayne’s World on the black hat. If your hair doesn’t do Wayne justice, get a mid length brown wig. For Garth, also wear an old pair of jeans you won’t mind ripping the knees out of, any shirt with a classic band on it, a button down flannel and some black rimmed glasses. Depending on your current hair style you may or may not need a mid length blonde wig too. Make sure to messy up your hair or wig a little. Run around at the party singing “”Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent!”

Catwoman: Most girls have everything they need for this one in their closet already which makes it an easy last minute costume! You will need black pants/tights/leggings, a black long sleeved shirt/jacket, black heel boots, red lipstick, black cat ears and black face paint (to draw your mask on your face). If you have the full wardrobe and just need the black cat ears and black face paint you can likely find both at your local super store. You can also make black cat ears by covering two cardboard triangles with black felt. Glue them to a cheap black hand band and you’re ready to go!

Loofah: The loofah is a really fun group costume! Get a group of girls together and all sport a different color. You will need a strapless, short dress or a body suit. Get a big roll of tulle which you will cut into 8-10 2.5 yard pieces. Fold the pieces into thirds and turn them into bundles by pinching the center and twisting an elastic hairband around it. You’ll want to then fluff the bundles of tulle. Measure your bust and waist and cut two pieces of elastic accordingly. Then, tie the bundles around the two pieces of elastic. Next, slip the bands over your dress. You’re a loofah! Pair with the same color earrings and heels!

Jingle Bell Rock Mean Girls: Everyone has seen the movie Mean Girls. If you haven’t, you really need to. It’s pretty great. Get together four girls (bonus if you are 2 blondes, a brunette and a redhead- but there’s always wigs if needed) and mimic their talent show performance of “Jingle Bell Rock”. All you need is a risky version of a Mrs. Claus outfit. Practice the routine and carry around an old school boom box playing the song.



So, your favorite character from the movie Frozen is Olaf? Well, Olaf can be a girl or a boy Halloween costume! Wear white tights and either a white skirt and tank or white shorts and shirt. You can also just wear white pants if tights are not your thing. Embellish your shirt or tank with black, felt dots. Wear a white, winter hat and attach brown pipe cleaner on top. Make your own carrot nose using cardboard or paper in a tee-pee shape and painted orange. Cut holes and attach elastic so it will stay on your face for the night.

Elsa: Let it go! Let it go! Sorry in advance for you having that song stuck in your head for the next 24 hours. But seriously, the Frozen soundtrack is great. For the Elsa look, you will need a long, blue gown and some pretty heels or flats. See if you can find a closeout sale on what was intended to be a homecoming or prom dress. Maybe you even have an old dress of yours from high school that still fits. If you already have blonde, long hair just style a loose side braid. If not, you can buy a blonde, long wig and style it yourself.

Red Coat: In the popular TV series Pretty Little Liars the character Red Coat is said to be “everywhere and nowhere”. To nail down her look you’ll need a red trench coat, black leggings, black gloves and black pistol boots. Paint your nails red as well. When she’s been spotted not wearing gloves shes is sporting red nail polish.

Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy is the beloved lead character in the popular Netflix TV series Unbreakable. She was rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over again in New York City. For this costume you’ll want bright pink pants, a flowery top, a bright  yellow button down sweater and some fun gym shoes to match! Partner the outfit with a long, red wig and make sure to be extra positive and happy all night!

Smartie Pants: If you laugh at really corny jokes, this costume is for you! You will need a t-shirt, some leggings, colorful duck tape and a big bag of smarties. Spell the words Smartie Pants with the colored duck tape across your t-shirt. Take the rolls of smarties and tape them so they are hanging all the way around your thighs and calves using the colored duck tape. You now have Smartie pants. Get it?



She’s the infamous Progressive spokeswoman. For Flo’s look you will need a white apron with the Progressive logo, a white polo shirt, white pants, a brown wig, a navy headband, an I <3 Insurance button and a Flo name tag. She also sports navy Chuck Taylor All Star shoes and bright red lipstick. You can make an auto insurance box out of cardboard to carry around too.

Joy: In the Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, the main character’s emotions all work together to navigate her life. A fan favorite is her emotion of Joy. To steal her look you’ll need a fitted yellow dress. Use a blue fabric marker to draw starbursts on the dress. Pick up some nude colored flats and a short, blue wig. Manipulate the wig to stick up at the top. Make sure you’re a very joyful person at the party. 🙂

Mary Poppins: For this classic look you’ll need a black top hat, a white button down, a red bow-tie, a red belt, a black skirt, black tights and black heels. Embellish your hat with a mix of white daisies and red berries. Don’t forget your black umbrella and red, flowery handbag!

Nicki Minaj: Nicki is best known for her over-the-top, bold costumes. You’ll need some neon tights, a bright leotard and a neon wig. You should definitely invest in some false eyelashes and bright lipstick and add some fun, matching costume jewelry as well. If you aren’t already well endowed in the area’s Nicki is, you can also invest in some stuffing!

One Direction: Get your four most confident guy friends together to pull off this British boy band! The members of the band all dress similarly enough so pick your favorite group look and plan your costumes around it. You can likely shop at Forever 21 or H&M and find anything you need for this costume. Warning: In order to pull this off you have to be open to wearing skinny jeans, heel boots and experimenting with hair gel. Good luck!


arrow-leftGuy Fieri

You know him from several popular Food Network shows. He has a bold personality so you definitely want that to shine through in your costume. You will need non-permanent white hair spray, a real or fake goatee and a button down flame shirt. Pants and shoes aren’t as important because for Guy, everyone is really focused on his bold hair, facial hair and shirts. Carry around a plate with a real or fake cheeseburger. Hey, a real one might come in handy if you get hungry at the party!

Ron Burgundy: Ron is one of Will Ferrell’s all-time funny characters. Steal the Anchorman look with a burgundy suit, a button down shirt and a striped tie. You’ll want to style your hair in a comb over and rock a thick mustache. Bring some papers to pretend to shuffle around and a microphone. Bonus if you make it into a channel 4 mic!

Pebbles and Bam Bam: This is a classic costume for couples from the old school cartoon The Flinestones! For Pebbles, you will need need blue shorts, a green tank and a big, white hair bow. Use a black, fabric marker or black felt to make black triangles to cover your top. Use non-permanent orange hair spray and style your hair on top of your head with the bow.  Bam Bam, you will need orange shorts or a homemade, orange skirt and a brown sash. Use a black, fabric marker or black felt to make black triangles to cover your shorts/skirt. Use non-permanent white hair spray and take out a baseball bat with you to resemble his stick.

Sheldon: He’s everybody’s favorite geek from the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory. You’ll need a bolt t-shirt. If you can’t find one you can just wear a red t-shirt and tape or draw on the bolt symbol. Wear dark plaid pants and brown sneakers. Bonus if they’re Sketchers. 🙂 Practice some impressive facts to rattle off at the party.

Bank Robber: You’ll need a striped shirt, black pants, a mask and an old pillow case. Draw a large dollar sign on the pillow case. This is a fun group costume. Lock down different rooms of the party! Pro Tip: Do not forget what you have on and accidentally try to shop with this costume on.


arrow-leftPink Lady

What girl doesn’t want to be a Pink Lady after seeing the movie Grease? You will need some black, tight pants, a shiny, pink jacket (of course!) and some heels. Write or stitch Pink Ladies on the back of your jacket. Spice up your look with some glasses, a scarf or a hairband. Make sure to have major attitude all night! You and your girls are the bees knees!

Batman: For Batman, you will need a pair of black pants and a grey shirt. Print a picture of the batman symbol on a color printer and tape it to your grey shirt. You can also print off the batman abs to add to your shirt if you want to look ripped! Use a cheap, black sheet to create your cape. Cut off a piece to create an eye mask too. Use cardboard to create two triangles and cover with the extra sheet as well to glue onto your mask for ears. Now you’re ready to save Gotham!

Victoria Secret Angel: This can be a solo or group costume. You don’t need much for this one. Pick out your favorite lingerie set (bonus if it’s from VS) and a pink silky robe. Print out the black VS symbol and tape to the left side of the front of your robe. If you’re feeling adventurous, rock heels with this one. If not, flip flops will do!

Forrest Gump: If you have ever been told by your grandma to put on your Sunday best, that’s what you’ll want to wear for Forrest. Swap out the dress shoes for white gym shoes and striped socks. Rock your best comb over and don’t forget your box of chocolates and brief case. The thrift store is a good place to find a cheap khaki suit, button down and briefcase if you don’t have them already.

School Picture: You can be creative with what outfit you want to wear. Going the geeky route is kind of fun! The essential item you need for this costume is a foam board that you can decorate with a design that resembles the classic background options you are given for school pictures. The more ridiculous looking the better! Attached the foam board to your mid back. You are a walking school picture!



This little guy from the Disney Pixar’s UP is too cute! For his costume, you will need a yellow hat, a yellow shirt, khaki shorts, mid-calf socks, a pair of brown shoes, an orange hanker chief, a back pack and an orange pennant flag. Pick up a couple different colors of felt and cut circles for his badges. His wilderness explorer logo is on his hat, shirt and flag. Recreate it using fabric markers or print it off to glue on. You can also add a bundle of helium balloons if you want!

Lebron James: The most widely talked about Lebron is Cleveland, Ohio Lebron. You will need a yellow tank top and yellow shorts.Use either a red sharpie marker or red duck tap to write CAVS across the chest, LEBRON on the back and of course the 23 on both sides. If you can find a cheap white headband and wrist band (they often come in a pack together) get it too! Want to make your own arm sleeve? Use a big sock by cutting out the foot. If you can find some costume jewelry you’ll also want to pick up two rings. Last but not least, if you have a basketball take it out with you and pretend to dunk on people at the party!

Iggy Azalea: Probably the most recognizable Iggy outfit would be her take on the yellow plaid outfit from the movie Clueless she sports in her popular music video for her hit song “So Fancy”. You’ll need a yellow plaid skirt and jacket, some white knee high socks and black dress shoes. If needed, also pick up a long, straight blonde wig. Finish off the Iggy look by drawing a mole on the bottom of your left chin and below your right eye. This will be how people will know the difference between you dressing up as Cher from Clueless vs. Iggy!

Football Player: This is an easy costume for a girl or a guy to pull off. The staple of the costume is a jersey. If you don’t already have a jersey you’re bound to know someone that does that would let you borrow it for the costume. You can also make a jersey with a plain t shirt and a sharpie or duck tape. Wear tight pants with gym shoes or cleats. Get some black face paint for eye black. If you have a football take it out with you and throw passes to people at the party.

Zombie: The typical costume has made a comeback with the popular TV series The Walking Dead. Choose your favorite zombie base like doctor, princess, ballerina or athlete. Then rip your clothes and splatter them red paint to resemble blood. Use face paint to color your face white and then dd dark circles under your eyes and blood around your mouth. Creep everyone out by coming up behind them at the party with your mouth open ready to attack!

Care Bear: This one is fun for a group costume! Everyone pick your favorite Care Bear! Buy an adult onesie in the appropriate color. Cut out a large circle in white felt and use cloth markers to draw your Care Bear’s image. Glue or sew your belly onto your onesie. Get the appropriate colored ears to match.

Hump Day Camel: This one is pretty simple. Go get enough brown felt/fabric to cover a small beach ball. Hot glue the covered ball to the back of a brown shirt and wear brown leggings to complete the outfit. Final step: walk around the party asking what day it is and calling people Mike.

Minion Costume, Halloween Costumes


Who wouldn’t want to be one of these little cuties? All you need is a yellow tank top or bandeau, high-waisted jean shorts (you can purchase jeans at goodwill and cut them into shorts to save money), some suspenders from Wal-Mart and some black and gray swim goggles. Another option for the goggles is to use a black headband and glue white Styrofoam cups to the outside. Draw black circles in the cups and place around your head so that the cups point out.

Old School iPod: Remember these? Not the new little squares but the long, skinny ones with the scrolling circle. You will need is a cheap strapless dress or t-shirt and some BRIGHTLY colored duct tape. Wrap yourself up and paint a white circle in the middle of the outfit with “MENU” and “+” “-“ in black around the white.

Power Ranger: For this throwback costume you’ll need an oversized t-shirt in the color of your favorite ranger, leggings in the same color, white paint to draw the connecting diamonds all the way across the top of the shirt and black eyeliner or face paint to draw “goggles” around your eyes. If you want to go all out, buy a hat from the dollar store in the same color as your shirt and leggings and cut off the bill to look like you’re wearing a helmet!

Boxing Ring Girl: This is an easy one for the ladies. Black spandex shorts, a sports bra and a pair of heels and you’re done! Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some poster board to write “Round 1” on to carry around all night! This costume is sure to make your crush tap out.

VMA Miley Cyrus Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftVMA Miley Cyrus

REQUIREMENT: Must be proficient at twerking. You have two wardrobe options here: 1. Wear a nude bra and nude spandex shorts, spike hair and purchase a foam finger to dance around with all night. 2. Buy a gray one piece swimsuit or leotard and some fabric paint. Paint a crazy face on the middle and 2 pink dots above that. For both you’ll want to wear some white tennis shoes.

CAUTION: Crime Scene: You can get as crafty as you want with this one. All you need is a roll of caution tape to turn into an outfit. I have seen some pretty cool versions of this costume where people turn the caution tape into a flowy, fun dress. For the less crafty (like myself) feel free to buy a black shirt and shorts and wrap the tape around yourself a couple times. The party guest will get the gist.

Si Robertson – Duck Dynasty: Grab yourself a camo hat, some nonprescription glasses and a fake beard and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to pull out your best country accent for this costume.

Boo from Monsters, Inc.: Sorry to break it to ya boys, but I think you’ll have to leave this costume to the ladies. First, go to the dollar store and pick up and oversized pink t-shirt or sweatshirt (Halloween can get cold!) and purple leggings. Lace up a pair of white cloth tennis shoes from Wal-Mart with the white, frilly fold over little girl socks that your mom put on you when you were a toddler. Throw your hair up into pigtails and lastly, walking around saying “BOO!”

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Who could forget everyone’s favorite science teacher? This one is for all you smart guys out there. All you’ll need is a white button up shirt, a bowtie and a light blue blazer. To perfect the costume, memorize 10 shocking scientific facts you can rattle off all night!

Hugh Hefner Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftHugh Hefner

This one’s a classic. You’ll obviously need a long red robe and sailor cap from Goodwill. But the most important accessory you’ll want is that cool guy attitude. I mean, you are playing the biggest stud in America after all.

Jessie from Toy Story: Personally, I always think the cowgirl outfit is pretty easy to pull off. However, I go to a southern school where cowgirl boots are a wardrobe requirement. But even if you don’t own traditional western attire, this costume can be pulled off fairly easy. Head to Goodwill and pick up a plaid button up shirt and a straw hat for a couple of dollars. You may never wear these items again so don’t feel like you need to spend a fortune. If you don’t own a pair of cowgirl boots just slip on a pair of regular ones or moccasins. Draw freckles on your face with eyeliner and write “Andy” on the bottom of your shoe. Get one of those children’s horses on a stick and you’re ready to party, partner!

Tinkerbell: You’ll need a green dress or oversized t shirt that you don’t mind cutting jagged edges in the bottom of. For the wings you’ll need 4 wire hangers and 4 packages of panty hose. Wrap the panty hose around the hangers and duct tape the edges of the hangers together to be as big or small of wings as you would like. You’ll need blue ribbon to wrap around your hair and a chopstick to use as your wand.

Free Style Rapper: You’ll need a pair of baggy shorts or sweat pants and a baggy jacket or t-shirt. Tie a bandanna tight around your hair to look like a doo-rag and cut out aluminum foil to fit around your front few teeth. I dressed like this for a themed party once and borrowed a pair of my friend’s Timberland boots, which really topped the costume off. You may be able to find a cheap pair of these at a consignment store or Goodwill. Finally, find some gold beads to wear around your neck and think up some cool rhymes to spit at the party!

Pencil: Purchase enough yellow fabric to wrap around your whole body. Put on a black long sleeved shirt and then wrap the fabric around you from your chest to your knees. Pin or sew the fabric together well so it doesn’t fall off! Wrap red fabric or construction paper around the part of your legs where the fabric ends to look like the eraser. Then, buy some black construction paper to fold into a cone shape big enough to wear on your head to be the lead of the pencil.

Mickey Mouse Costume, Minnie Mouse Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftMickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

Speaking from experience, this is one of the easiest, cheapest couple costumes out there. You’ll need 2 black headbands from the dollar store, stiff black felt, two red shirts, yellow ribbon, white fabric paint and black eyeliner (Minnie should have this tool covered). Cut four circles out of the felt and hot glue two to each headband. Paint white circles all over Minnie’s shirt and cut three circles out of the ribbon to glue to Mickey’s shirt as buttons. Fill in the tip of each of your noses with eyeliner and you are officially America’s favorite cartoon couple for a night!

Rudolph: So you’re a few months early, Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday anyways! You can go for the actual reindeer look and wear all brown, or if you’re feeling more seasonal just put on a tacky Christmas sweater. Buy a brown headband at the dollar store and some brown card stock to cut antlers out of. Glue your antlers to your headband and voila! Oh, did I forget something? Ah, yes. No Rudolph costume is complete without a nose painted red!

Cheerleader: Purchase a cheap flowy skirt from the dollar store or Wal-Mart and pair it with a tucked in tank top with your favorite team’s name written across the front. You can find a cheap pair of pom-poms to carry at most party supply stores. You can also get a pair of cheap white sneakers at Wal-Mart or Payless.

S’mores: This costume is delectable! Wear a brown long sleeved shirt and brown pants or leggings. Duct tape together 2 old pillows with enough room between them to fit over your head to cover your stomach and back. Use 2 large sides of a cardboard box to attach to the front of both pillows (stick them with duct tape, hot glue etc.).

Words With Friends: This one is pretty clever. You will need 5 people. You all wear black and attach a yellow construction paper square to your shirt. Everyone writes one letter (W, O, R, D, S) on their construction paper. Now you’re “Words” with “Friends.” Get it?

Hershey's Kiss Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftHershey’s Kiss

You’re going to need a lot of aluminum foil, boxers or spanks and a sports bra (for the girls) to put under the foil. Wrap your top half fairly tight in foil and when you get to your lower stomach and buttocks wrap more and more layers to portray the bottom heavy candy better. For your head, purchase some construction paper and roll it into a cone shape, cover with foil and glue a piece of tissue paper to the tip that says “Hershey’s.” This is the sweetest of all costumes!

Little Bo Peep: Cover a tank top or t-shirt, spandex shorts and toboggan style hat in white cotton balls (I suggest using the large, fluffy size, otherwise you may be gluing for awhile). Tie 2 separate bows in light blue ribbon and hot glue one to the cotton balls on the shirt and one on the front of the cotton ball covered hat. Finally, unscrew the sweeping end from an old household broom and use this as your cane.

The World: Blow up about 20 blue balloons and 10 green balloons. Use duct tape or hot glue to attach them to a blue long sleeved t-shirt and strategically place the green balloons among the blue to represent the land in the water on a globe.

Amanda Bynes: We’re not talking about the original, cute version of this icon. No, no, this costume is referring to her most recent image. You’ll need a white sweatshirt, white sweat pants (cheap at Wal-Mart), a blonde wig you can tease and make look messy and crazy, and finally, 2 sticky rhinestones that you can put on each cheek to look like diamond stud piercings.

Superman: Get a pair of royal blue leggings and a long sleeved royal blue t-shirt. On the t-shirt draw a large Superman emblem in the middle of your chest using red and yellow fabric paint. For the cape, you can buy some cheap red fabric, or even use a sheet! Tie this around your neck. Wear a pair of red spandex or shorts over your leggings and use yellow ribbon to wrap around your waist to look like a belt.

Taco Bell Sauce Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftTaco Bell Sauce

This one can be done solo or as a group. All you need is a really cheap strapless dress (Target cover-ups work great for this), or a colored t-shirt for guys, and colorful duct tape. Put the dress/shirt on and wrap it with the color of your choice. Yellow for mild, orange for hot, green for verde etc. Paint the name of the sauce in white across the top and a white square in the middle. In black write a “saucy” quote (get it?) like you find on the actual packets at the restaurant.

Lego: First, paint your face yellow. Paint an old oatmeal cylinder yellow and wear it on your head. Paint an old cardboard box red and cut arm and leg holes in it to fit. Wear it over a long sleeved red shirt. You’ll also need a pair of yellow gloves to finish off this unforgettable costume.

50 Shades of Grey: This one probably isn’t what you’re expecting. First, wear all one shade of gray. Next, go to your local hardware store and grab every paint chip that has a shade of gray on it. Make sure you have at least 50. Glue these all over clothes and you are officially 50 shades of grey.

Salt and Pepper: Clearly, this one is a costume that requires 2 people. Salt will need white fabric and a white long sleeved shirt to wear under the fabric. Pepper will need the same items, just in black. For each, size the fabric to fit around your body and then pin or sew it to stay. Write an S on the white fabric and P on the black. Purchase 2 aluminum pie pans at your local grocery store and attach a black ribbon to rim so that you can wear this as a hat to look like the shaker spouts.

Crayon: This one is fun to do as a group or solo! Use fabric, a dress or over sized t-shirt with leggings in the Crayola crayon color of your choice for your outfit. You can find inexpensive colorful cooking funnels at Wal-Mart or a discount store to be worn as the crayon tip. Finally, use fabric paint to draw the Crayola design down the front of your outfit.

Edward Scissorhands Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftEdward Scissorhands

You’ll need black pants and a black shirt, or a black dress for the ladies. Paint your face with white face paint and outline your eyes with a lot of black eyeliner. Leather jackets work really well with this costume. Buckle 1-3 belts around your stomach, chest, arms etc. Spike your hair crazy with some gel. Finally, glue 8 plastic knives to a pair of gloves (4 per hand) and you’re ready to party!

Social Media Logo: Use construction paper or cardboard to draw the website design of your favorite social media site (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and cut out a hole big enough for your face to fit through. An easy way to get the design to stay is by hot gluing the cardboard or construction paper to a headband.

Popcorn: Materials: A large cardboard box with leg and arm holes cut out, red and white paint, yellow balloons and some clothes to wear under the costume. Paint the box with red and white stripes and in black paint right “Movie Theater Butter” or “Popcorn” across the front. Blow up the yellow balloons and hot glue them to the part of the box that will be around your chest.

Big Bird: Purchase pink leggings and use orange duct tape to make alternating stripes (or vice versa). Use yellow feathers either from a bag or from a boa to hot glue to an oversized yellow t-shirt. Use a yellow scarf or stretchy headband to glue 2 large Styrofoam balls too. On the Styrofoam use blue, pink and black paint to draw big bird’s eyes.

Hostess Cupcake: Paint a white squiggly line in the design of a hostess cupcake on the front of a brown t-shirt or dress. You can also paint the white squiggle on a brown beanie to top of this sweet costume.

Cookie Monster Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftCookie Monster

First, you’ll need a pair of blue shorts or leggings and a blue tighter fitting t-shirt. Purchase a bag of blue feathers or fur (you’ll most likely need to get these from a craft store like Michael’s). You don’t need to cover your entire outfit with this material, just enough to give you some fluffy texture. Next, get a blue hat and cover it with a bright blue boa or 2 until the whole hat is furry. Finally, buy 2 white Styrofoam balls from a craft store and draw big black filled in circles on them. Hot glue the Styrofoam balls to the hat to look like eyes. To perfect this costume we suggest carrying around a jar labeled cookies. This snack filled accessory is guaranteed to make you the most popular one at the party!

Avatar: Basically, paint your face, arms and any other exposed skin bright blue. Wear a shirt and pants in the same shade of blue and purchase brown fabric to make a loin cloth. Braid sections of your hair to look like dread locks and paint a costume tail blue. Pretty easy right?

Milk and Cookies: Milk will need a cardboard box with arm and leg holes cut out to fit your body, white pants and a long sleeved white t-shirt. Paint the box white and draw your favorite milk brand’s design on the front. Cookie will need brown pants, a brown shirt and black fabric paint. Use the pen to draw circles all over your leggings and shirt and purchase a brown beanie to wear on your head.

Scarecrow: This one is easy and fun! You’ll need a bag or small bale of hay, a straw hat, a plaid shirt, gardening gloves and a pair of blue jeans. Put a handful of hay in the end of both sleeves, the end of both pant legs, in your gloves, coming out of your hat and poking out of your shoes. Let a single piece of hay hang out of your mouth and ta da! You’re a scarecrow!

Basketballer: Get a pair of baggy, athletic shorts from Wal-Mart and an oversized t-shirt. Use fabric paint or a sharpie to write your number on the back of the shirt with your name above it. Put on tennis shoes and carry a basketball around all night. This costume is super easy and super cheap!

WItch Costume, Halloween Costumes


This is definitely one of the more clever and cheap costumes of the bunch. Paint your hands and face green. For the hat, go to Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store and pick up a child’s witch hat. There usually come with a chin strap so even if they don’t fit perfectly the strap will hold it on! And children’s sizes are always cheaper. Then throw on a black pea coat buttoned all the way up and grab a broom from the utility closet to finish off this classic.

Pooh Bear: On a tight red shirt, use yellow fabric paint to write Pooh. Wear over a long sleeved yellow shirt and yellow leggings. On a yellow hat paint or draw 2 black dots for Pooh’s eyes and a bigger black dot for his nose. Use some yellow card stock to hot glue onto the top of the hat as his ears. Oh, and don’t forget your honey pot!

Book Worm: Blow up 6-8 lime green Dollar Store pool tubes and put them all on over a long sleeved brown shirt and brown leggings. Pull out your old graduation cap to wear and hot glue 2-3 children’s books to the inner tubes.

The Oh-So Original Cat: I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Black pants, black shirt, a tail and ears from the children’s Halloween section and last but not least, some whiskers drawn on with eyeliner.

Rosie the Riveter: This is another “just for the ladies” costume. You’ll want to wear a navy blue or denim shirt with sleeves long enough to roll up to your elbows, and a red bandanna tied to cover your hair with the tie in front. Red lipstick is a must. And the most important accessory, your attitude. Show up to the party flexing your guns and not taking crap from any of the guys!

Michael Jackson Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftMichael Jackson

For the MJ look you will need red pants and a red shirt. It’s a bonus if you can find a jumpsuit! Wear a black belt or use duck tape to create a black belt. Use duck tape to also create a  downward black V on your top. You’ll also need some white dad socks and black dress shoes (try the thrift store if you don’t have any). Depending on your hair situation you may or may not need a black, curly wig as well. This take on MJ is obviously his outfit from Thriller so make the costume even more memorable by busting out the Thriller routine all night. Others are guaranteed to join in!

Geisha: Borrow or buy a black silky robe. Paint your face white and outline your eyes with lots of black eyeliner. Carry around a hand held fan and umbrella and finally, YouTube “how to: make a sock bun.”

Uncle Sam: This costume leaves a lot of wiggle room to make it your own. Basically, you’ll need some red and white striped pants, a blue blazer to wear over a white button up, a fake white beard and a top hat in the patriotic color you prefer. Obviously most of us don’t have these items on hand, so use duct tape, fabric paint and a lot of imagination to make this costume perfectly your own!

Ladybug: Wear a large red t-shirt over black leggings and a black long sleeved shirt. Cover the red t-shirt with black circles cut out from construction paper. For your antennas, hot glue two black pipe cleaners to a black headband. At the end of the pipe cleaners, glue 2 small Styrofoam balls colored red or black. Cut two half circles out of cardboard and paint them red. Use the remaining construction paper to glue a few black circles to the red cardboard (these are your wings). Hot glue the wings to the back of your shirt or dress and fly on over to your favorite Halloween event!

PB & J: This is another couples costume. One of you wears all purple and the other wears all light brown. Write Welch’s and Jiff across your shirts in white paint. You’ll be the yummiest couple around!

Frosted Mini Wheat Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftFrosted Mini Wheat

Use foam for this costume, cover it in brown felt, then use white spray paint to give it the “frosted” look. Cut out the eyes and grin with black felt and hot glue to the brown felt. Glue an empty milk carton to a ball cap with some really thick looking white pipe cleaner coming out of the spout to look like milk is pouring out of the milk carton.

Gnome: For this you need a big long sleeve shirt, a belt to tie around it, red pants, a red pointy hat and a BEARD! You might already own some of this stuff, but for the things you don’t have take a trip to the dollar store!

Pinata: Get color streamers from a party or craft store, an old shirt and an old pair of pants/shorts/skirt/bottoms from a thrift store. Then cut the streamers and tape them to your clothes- you’re good to go.

Parrot: Go to the craft store and get multi colored feather boas and bags of individual feathers. Glue them to a colored dress, skirt and shirt, shorts and shirt, whatever clothing you would like!

Pikachu: Get a one-piece yellow swimsuit or a yellow shirt, black shorts, and a yellow headband from a thrift or dollar store. Draw brown stripes on the yellow top. Add some yellow shoes and red blush. Pikachu!

Gumball Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftGumball Machine

Get a bag of multi-colored round balloons from the dollar store. Blow them all up and tie off the ends. Fill a large clear trash bag with the balloons. Make openings for your arms and legs, step in and you’re ready to go.

Hoarder: For this you want the illusion of the costume to be hoarder standing in a pile of junk. Get a long skirt and get a bunch of junk to cover it with (McDonald’s wrappers, useless knick knacks, cockroaches, etc.) For makeup, just mess everything up! Find a sweater at a cheap price, to make an almost stereotype grandma/grandpa.

Street Fighter: Things you need: wig, hair buns (scouring pads with the hair wrapped around them), satin fabric to wrap around like a dress, white boots (sale rack rain boots), wrist spikes – foam and electrical tape, tights. All of this can be found with some trips to the thrift/dollar/craft store.

Hungry Hungry Hippo: For the clothes, just wear whatever color you want to be (pink, green, yellow, blue, etc.) To make the head of the hippo get a piece of cardboard: cut up the board until we made it look like a mailbox. Use superglue, regular paper for the eyes and teeth, and small wooden sticks for the eyebrows. Take a strip of poster board to a headband size to your liking and super glue. This is the band that is going to keep the rest of the board up. Take the poster board and fold it over the headband, superglue the sides and cut the excess part off the front. You need to super glue a separate piece for the back and front (face). For the mouth part, you need to fold it to a table shape, superglue the front of the mouth, and connect to the rest of the head. By now, it should look like a mailbox. Add eyes, eyebrows, teeth and ears.

The Nerd You Cheat Off Of In Class: Take your white oxford and high wasted jeans. Tuck your oxford into your jeans. If you are a girl, put your hair in pigtails. Take a piece of tape and wrap it around the brim of a pair of black glasses. Pack your backpack with your textbooks, pulling the straps as tight as possible until your backpack is securely on your back. Put a couple of pens in your pocket. Make sure your white ankle socks are showing! Also, know that pi equals 3.14159265. Don’t be surprised if someone asks to copy your calculus notes!

Rainbow Costume, Halloween Costumes


For this you need a white shirt, white pants, and paint in all the colors of the rainbow. Paint your shirt and pants in the order of colors on the rainbow. In case you forgot, it’s ROY G. BIV!

Boxer: For girls- wear spandex shorts, a sports bra, tennis shoes and a robe. For guys- wear gym shorts, tennis shoes and a robe. Be sure to wrap your hands in tape or wear boxing gloves if you have them.

iPhone: Get two pieces of foam board (gray and black). Print the icons large and paste them on. Use foil for the apple on the back and silver duct tape for the outside rim. Use regular duct tape to keep the two pieces together and as shoulder straps.

Bag of Jelly Beans: After buying plenty of bright colored balloons, pin the ends of them to any clothing of your choice. Follow by wrapping the balloons lightly in plastic wrap to give the effect of a bag. You can leave the coal flavor out of this bag of jellybeans!

Road: Put on all black pants and a black long sleeved shirt. Use yellow tape for the road lines going down your body. On both sides of the “road” glue or tape small cars driving up and down. Make sure it’s not rush hour or you might be late to the party!

Eight Ball Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftMagic 8 Ball

Wear all black, grab 2 pillows, and duct tape them around your body (under your black shirt). Draw the number 8 on a piece of printer paper and cut it out into a circle. Tape the piece of paper to your stomach. If people ask to give you a shake, you can just answer them with: “My reply is no.”

Pink Floyd: Attention all last minute costume makers! This costume is for you! For something easy and humorous, wear a simple full pink outfit and add a simple “Floyd” name-tag.

Artsy Fartsy: Grab some old white clothes and splatter paint across them. Find a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a paint palette. Find a paint brush, and your costume is ready to go.

Rain Cloud: You won’t be raining on anyone’s parade with this costume! The key ingredient is lots and lots of cotton balls. Find old clothes that you don’t wear anymore and glue cotton balls to your whole body, or at least whole upper body. Don’t forget the squirt gun, and add lightning bolts to the cloud as an extra touch.

Traditional Politician: Basically all you need is a black suit, white button up and red, white or blue tie. Where this costume really thrives is in the hair, teeth and attitude. Gel your hair into the traditional politician comb over, make sure your teeth are EXTREMELY white and finally, walk around all night shaking the hands of everyone at the party while giving them your winning “I’m your man/woman” smile.

Pirate Costume, Halloween Costumes


Arrgh matey! Take some white pants and use black electric tape to make them striped. Then grab a large white dress shirt and add a black vest. Use a piece of red ribbon to tie around your waist as a belt. Don’t forget your eye patch, sword, and pirate hat!

Aquarium: This is a classic! Take a cardboard box and cut out one side, looking kind of like a TV. Cover that open side with blue plastic wrap and tape fake fish or aquatic stickers all over. Don’t forget Nemo and the gang!

Ninja: Easy: Wear all black and a black face mask.

Rubik’s Cube: Find a square box and cut 3 holes in it for your head and arms. Paint the box black. Cut out 9 squares of construction paper colored red, yellow, green, blue, white, and orange. Glue or tape the 9 squares onto the box. Poke your head and arms through the holes. Now you are a walking, talking, partying Rubik’s cube!

Leaf Blower: Okay, you’re that dude that just likes to party, no costume necessary. Well you can’t be a walking party foul on Halloween, so just throw on a baseball cap. Cut yourself a piece of yarn about 3 to 4 inches long. Find a leaf or two outside. Tape one side of the yarn to the leaf and the other to the bill of your hat. Let it dangle all night long. When people ask you what you are for Halloween you can tell them that you are a leaf blower, then blow the leaf that is dangling in your face.

Tourist Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftThe Typical Tourist

It is easy to spot a tourist on vacation. The classic tourist finds themselves in a Hawaiian shirt (even if they are not in Hawaii), khaki or cargo shorts, sunglasses, and the most essential fanny pack. Goodwill is a savior again! Head over to your local Goodwill and look for the most gaudy Hawaiian shirt you can find, the fanny pack that lets you pack the most, and the biggest most retro pair of glasses on the shelf. Grab your dad’s high dress socks and your favorite pair of sandals! Don’t forget your camera!! As a tourist you will definitely be snapping pics at your Halloween party!

Bat: I’ll admit, I thought this one was going to be hard to put together, but it’s fairly simple. For your outfit just wear all black. Make sure to wear something with a hood so you can glue or pin black card stock to the top in the shape of pointy bat ears. For the wings, cut 2 sections out of an old black umbrella (make sure they’re big enough to stretch your arm length). Hot glue or pin the sections to each arm to make them look like they’re attached like bat wings would be!

Risky Business: Many people are familiar with the movie scene of Tom Cruise sliding across the family room floor in an oxford, underwear, and calf socks. This scene was featured in the movie Risky Business. The scene has become pretty popular, but the movie is not as noted. Anyways, take a trip to the nearest Goodwill or Wal-Mart. Buy a cheap oxford button down shirt (white), a pair of tighty-whities, and some calf socks. Grab your favorite pair of sunglasses. You will be the life of the party! I’m sure by the end of the night you will be sliding across the living room floor. That’s risky business.

Toga! Toga!: Simple: bed sheet. Throw on your bra and undies, ladies. Twist the sheet up to make a toga that fits your preference! If people say “oh, real creative, a Greek god/goddess” you can explain to them that you just left the Animal House toga party.

Cast Away: Take a trip to a craft or Halloween store to get a long beard and wig combo. Then cut up a bed sheet and wear it for your bottoms. For extra credit, get Fedex box and a Wilson soccer ball to complete the look.

Smurf Costume, Halloween Costumes


For this costume you will need white pants, blue body paint, and a Smurf hat. You can purchase the hat for about $13 at several places online. Paint your face and hands blue, put on your clothes, and add the hat. You are now officially a Smurf! Watch out for people dressed as Gargamel.

Redneck: Find a trucker hat, mullet wig, fake teeth, old jeans, a white tank top, and a plaid shirt to make this costume a success. Cut your old jeans into some short “jorts” (denim jean shorts)and cut the sleeves off your plaid shirt. Add the wig, hat, and teeth to finish off the look.

Hippie: This look can be made a million different ways. Wear a very bright and very flowery outfit. Add a cool headband, some rosy glasses, and a peaceful attitude. Bring your hula hoop if you want to knock over drinks all night long.

Load of Laundry: Take a tall laundry basket and cut a hole in the bottom that you can fit your body through. Tie two pieces of string to the top of the basket to hold it up. Fill the basket with laundry. Do not insert detergent.

Magician: Show people how magical you can be! Wear black pants, a white dress shirt, white gloves, a black top hat, and of course, a black cape. For a little more, add an old-timers mustache and a magic wand. Please don’t bring a live rabbit to the party; go the stuffed route. Say Abra Cadabra you are ready!

Robot Costume, Halloween Costumes


You will need 2 large cardboard boxes, 1 small cardboard box, aluminum foil, and some flexible duct vent material. Cut hole in the boxes for your arms and legs; add another box to your face (with a big hole cut out). Cover all the boxes with aluminum foil. Use duct venting for your arms and legs, making sure they are properly connected to the boxes.

Secret Service Agent: You will need a black suit, matrix-style sunglasses, and ear-bud headphones (along with a nice haircut). This can be used for an FBI agent costume, CIA agent costume, etc. You’re under arrest!

Replacement Referee: Find a referee shirt, create one by applying black stripes to a white shirt, or vice-versa. Make sure you have a whistle around your neck. Final touch: paint your face like a clown. Touchdown!

Hospital Patient: This costume requires fake blood, a hospital gown, and band-aids for added effect. Put some band-aids on your face with fake blood dripping out of them. If you can snag an IV stand, you’re straight ballin’.

Marathon Runner: Put on your running gear, gloves and a toboggan for this costume! Pin a placard with a number to the front of your shirt and run like the wind!

Mime Costume, Halloween Costumes


Being a mime requires a night of no speaking, so mentally prepare yourself prior to going out in this costume! You will need a black and white striped shirt, black pants, black suspenders, a black beret (or cap of some kind), and some black and white face paint. The key to this look is in the face paint. Paint your whole face white with black lips and add in some decoration, like diamonds or tears, to your eyes.

Vampire: Wear a black suit and a cape, if possible. If you already have those, all you need is fake blood and plastic vampire teeth. Make the fake blood appear to drip down your face from the mouth. Add white face paint and black around the eyes to look indistinguishable. You could always go the Twilight route and throw a pound of glitter on your face.

Toothpaste Bottle: You will need bed sheets, a small white lampshade, and artistic skills. Cover your body with bed sheets just enough so that you can walk. Then, put pins in it so you’ll know where to draw the logo. Choose a simple toothpaste brand logo and draw it in the correct spot. Add the lampshade on to your head.

Tic-Tac-Toe Board: For this, you should use a large whiteboard and some dry erase markers. Put a string around the whiteboard so that it can hang around your neck (put something soft on top for your neck). Use white paint everywhere outside of the white board. Draw the game, and people will likely want to play your costume.

Sheep: This costume will take a ton of cotton balls. Find a long-sleeve shirt that you don’t care about and put glue all over it, covering every inch with cotton balls. Do the same for your pants and shoes. Add white face paint if needed. Watch out for werewolves.

Prisoner Costume, Halloween Costumes


For this costume you will need a white long sleeve shirt and white pants. Use a permanent marker to draw horizontal black stripes across the entire outfit. Don’t forget to leave white space on the upper left chest to write in your inmate number. Finish this costume with a pair of handcuffs or a ball and chain!

Doctor: You will need scrubs, a white coat, and a stethoscope. Add bloody gloves to become a surgeon. Keep a small notepad in your back pocket so you can write people prescriptions. Let me check your vitals!

Moneybag: You will need an extra large potato sack, white paint, a black permanent marker, a small piece of string, and fake cash. Paint the potato sack white, and after it dries, put a big money sign right in the middle. Cut a hole in the top of the bag for your face, and cut leg holes at the bottom. Then, tie off the bag above the face and add loads of fake cash.

Mushroom: Use a bed sheet (with paint of your choice) and a lampshade. Put an old pillow over the lampshade and cover all of it with any extra bed sheet material. Use a pin to keep it all in place and paint everything (try to use different colors for the top and bottom of the mushroom. Paint some circles with different colors everywhere. Try to hang out with people dressed like Mario and Luigi.

Spider: You will need a black shirt, black pants, some pool noodles, and black and red face paint and duct tape. Cut the noodles in half and duct tape them to your shirt and pants. Paint your face and hands black. Lastly, add a red hourglass shape in the back to become a black widow.

Alice in Wonderland Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftAlice In Wonderland

Take a trip to a dollar store/thrift store/Halloween store and get a blonde wig, an old blue dress and a white apron to wear around the dress.

Construction Worker: You will need a hard-hat, jeans, sunglasses, and boots. Avoid shaving for a few days. Bring a utility belt, if you have one, with a hammer and measuring tape. Come up with a few cat calls to say to female passer byes.

A Member of the Opposite Sex: This is pretty self explanatory, but if you’re a guy, choose a nice dress and let a girlfriend put makeup on you. If you’re a girl, wear jeans and a t-shirt, and draw on a fake mustache.

Doritos Taco: This costume is a great arts and crafts project! You will need a lot of colorful foam (found at most arts and crafts stores) and a hot glue gun. Start by cutting out a large red foam circle. Then, cut strips of different colored foam and glue them on top of the circle. When you are done gluing the foam strips, cut arm holes on each side of the circle. Place your arm through the holes and wrap yourself up like a taco!

Kissing Booth: Cut a whole in a cardboard box and decorate the outside with hearts and lips. Cut a hole on one side to make room for your face. Take a sharpie and write “Kissing Booth” above this hole. Place the box on your head and make everyone kiss you!

Katy Perry Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftKaty Perry

Get a fun colored wig (blue, pink, purple, etc) from the super store. Then, there are tons of ways to do the outfit: polka-dotted dresses, lace trim bras, sequined high-waisted shorts, ruffle trim vintage dresses, or those form fitting satin dresses with bows. You can get these from the thrift store, you or might already own some of it!

Cactus: Before you skip over this one, don’t worry, we’re not going to make you glue real pointy needles to your body. All you’ll need is a forest green sweatshirt and sweatpants and some Popsicle sticks or toothpicks. Glue about 20 sets of 3 sticks or toothpicks together at the base all going different directions. Stick the sets of 3 all over yourself and finally, stand in the customary cactus position (until your arms get too tired, of course.)

Post-It Note: Paint a large piece of yellow cardboard and hang it around your neck. Carry a marker and have people write on your costume. Talk about an easy way to score some phone numbers!

Wal-Mart Greeter: This is an easy look to pull off. Wear jeans and a white shirt to start. Add a blue vest with a name tag. Lastly, hand out stickers and say hello to everyone you see!

Burrito: Wrap yourself in a small comforter and then wrap the comforter in aluminum foil. Presto! You’re a burrito! For added effect, carry packets of hot sauce to hand out to strangers.

Dora the Explorer Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftDora The Explorer

Go to the thrift store and get a pink shirt and orange shorts. Visit the super store and get a short black wig. Last but not least, wear your backpack.

Subway Sandwich Artist: This costume will need a dark green polo, khakis, and a dark green visor. Also, throw on a name tag and grab plenty of plastic gloves.

80’s Hair Band Rocker: You will need tight pants and a raggedy t-shirt for this look. Wear your hair BIG and loud and play the air guitar all night. If you want to take it to the next level, add some face makeup.

Black Swan: Go to a craft, thrift or Halloween store to get all the supplies for this one. You need a black tutu, knitted gloves, and a crown. Take some feathers and glue them around the neck of a black tube top and then transform into the Black Swan.

Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus: Go to the dollar store and get math/school stickers and other related items. Stick and glue them all over a purple dress you can pick up from a thrift store and you’re good to go!

Snooki Costume, Halloween Costumes


All you truly need is a comb and a full bottle of hairspray! Ladies, grab your shortest, tightest dress. Make sure your push up bra is ready to go! Cover yourself in pounds of bronzer. Poof your hair! Tease, tease, tease your hair! Lots of hairspray! Lots of dark makeup! Throw on your favorite pair of slippers and make a margarita to go. Now you’re ready to fist pump all night long!

Ursula: Hairspray up your hair wild and crazy, spray over with silver spray. Put grey face makeup on, apply bright red lipstick, purple eye shadow and the signature black mole. Put on all black clothes and you’re ready to go.

Cupcake: Make a high wasted aluminum foil skirt, and then hot glue painted cotton balls on to a long sleeve shirt (whatever you want the icing to be). Paint some popsickle sticks and put them on the shirt as sprinkles.

Wonder Woman: Get a red shirt (tube top, halter, cami, etc.) and blue bottoms (shorts, skirt, leggings, pants, etc.) from the thrift store. Also try and find an old pair of knee high boots. Then duct tape them red and white.

Ke$ha: Everything you need for this can be found at a thrift store or dollar store. Wear jean shorts and “stockings ripped all up the sides” with a black top. Then, wear grey heeled boots. Wear a single feather and chain earring. For the makeup rock some glittery false eyelashes, black and silver glittery smokey eye, and then draw a star on your left and cover it in glitter. Tease your hair a bit and spray it with glitter. The final touch: an empty bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey.

Toddlers In Tiaras Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftToddlers in Tiaras

Wear a big fluffy tutu or a poofy dress, ruffle socks and white shoes. Get a crown, a sash, and do your hair really big. Walk around with a pacifier for a final touch.

Lady Gaga: Take a trip to the super store and get a long blonde wig. Find yourself a purple leotard and put it over black liquid snake skin leggings and wear some oversized sunglasses. Throw on a cropped black biker jacket so you don’t completely freeze to death!

Miss America: There are a lot of ways to wear this look. Grab your old prom dress; add a sash and a tiara! Smile until your face hurts. Practice making left turns before the big party.

Grapes: Get two bags of light and dark metallic purple balloons and blow them up. Tie them in rows to tie around your body. Wear a purple shirt and black/purple pants. Tip: Keep the grapes small – you’ll find it easier to move and groove.

Candy Corn: Find a cheap white shirt and orange shirt at a thrift store. Cut the top off the orange shirt and sew it or fuse it onto the white one. Wear black leggings or pants. Then get yellow fabric and wrap it around you to make a skirt. For the hat, find a cheap witches hat and glue some yellow, orange and white felt around it. Maybe add some silly Halloween tube socks.

80's Aerobic Girl Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-left80’s Aerobic Girl

This one is for the ladies. Wear a colorful leotard with nude tights and legwarmers. Add a belt of any variety and a sweat band for your head. Put your hair into a high ponytail and you are ready to go!

Go-Go Dancer: This is a simple look that is sure to turn heads. Wear the brightest, shortest dress you own and add some very tall white boots. Add a white headband and some large white sunglasses. Now you are ready to dance the night away. Waa waa wee waa!

Candy Cane: Yes, Halloween is at the end of October, but you won’t be penalized for wearing white after Labor Day! Simply take your white clothing and apply red tape around each leg, your body, and arms to look like a candy cane. Add green also if you would like for a little bit of holiday flavor! You can leave the pine needles from the Christmas tree behind!

Soda Cans: You can do this alone, or with friends. Pick your flavor, buy the fabric color you need at a craft store, paint the logo with fabric paint or print it off and glue, then wrap your body!

Hula Girl Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftHula Girl

This is a super easy look for Halloween! Wear a grass skirt (which you can make with green ribbon if you can’t find one) and a bikini top. Complete this look with a flower in your hair and a lei around your neck.

Peter Pan: Super easy to make: Go to the thrift store and get a g shirt, green pants or green tights. Then take a trip to the craft store and get a piece of rope for a belt and fake leaves. Glue the leaves all over your clothes and you’re set! To add to the costume, try and find a fake sword to carry around with you.

Beaker Costume: Search the thrift store for a lab coat (or a long white jacket) and some blue flannel pants. Get a bright orange wig from the super store and you’re set.

Grinch: Dress up as Santa Claus (I’m sure you can find the things you need for this at the thrift store or dollar store) and paint yourself green. 🙂

Peep Show: All you need for this look is a trench coat. Enough said.

Jessica Rabbit Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftJessica Rabbit

You need a sultry attitude with this costume! Wear a long red dress, long blue gloves, and a pair of red heels. Paint your hair red, and use silver and blue eye makeup. This costume is sure to make any cartoon rabbits go nuts!

German Bier Girl: This costume is a very easy one! You will need a short skirt, a low cut white tee, and a thick strapped black tank top. Wear the tank top over the white shirt and pull it down below your chest. Finish this look with pigtail braids and a ribbon!

Poison Ivy: For this costume you will need a green tank top, short green shorts, green stockings, green gloves, red paint for your hair, and some fake ivy from the arts supplies store. Pick the leaves off of the fake ivy and glue them all over the tank top and shorts. Then, paint your hair red, and you are good to go!

Hermione Granger: This costume will need a white dress shirt, a black skirt, a gray v-neck sweater, and a red and yellow striped tie. For extra effect, carry a magic wand and cast spells on people. Expecto Patronum!

Hooters Girl: For this look you will need orange hot shorts, a tight white tank top, white socks, and white shoes. Walk up to strangers and touch them on the shoulder or on the arm before you strike up a conversation.

Ghost Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftThe Typical Ghost

The most simple and unoriginal idea out there, but nowadays you will rarely see someone dress up as a ghost. Simple. Grab a bed sheet and cut eye holes in it. Run around like a fool and people will have no problem figuring out what you decided to be for Halloween.

Angel: The only difficult part here are the angel wings. Bend a wire hanger into a “U” shape for each wing. Use construction paper, cardboard, or plastic wrap to create some webbing for between the curved wire. Glue feathers or cotton balls to your webbing material. You can attach your angel wings to whatever getup you’re wearing. Most ladies go the risque route and wear as little as possible. At least try to have something stable to mold your wings onto.

Buzz Lightyear: Make the base of the upper body with a trash can. On top of the trash you can sculpt the armor with cardboard and duct tape. Then make the large red button on the armor from a red plastic cup. The purple strips on the lower part of the upper body can be made from foam and attached with duct tape.

Harlem Globetrotters: You can do this alone, or in a group. You will need: red shorts, tall white socks, blue t-shirt, wrist and head band. All of these can be found at a thrift or dollar store. Cut your shirt to make it look more like a jersey. Print out the logo and tape it to your shirt.

M&M’s: You can do this by yourself or as a group. Dress in the color of the M&M you want to be (shirt and pants), cut a stiff piece of cardboard into two large circles, put white M&M letters on the front, and attached it with glue or tape.

Homer Simpson Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftHomer Simpson

Wear an oversized white collared shirt, long sleeved yellow turtleneck shirt, and some funky blue pants (search the thrift store/dollar store). Wear old black sneakers for shoes. Then paint your face yellow as well as all other exposed body parts.

Chuckie from Rugrats: Go to the thrift store and get a plain baby blue shirt, plain green shorts, yellow socks and a red shirt (if you want to really be Chuckie, find a yellow sticky felt sheet and a red sticky felt sheet to make the Saturn logo for the blue shirt- simply peel and stick on shirt). Wear the red shirt under the baby blue to cuff the sleeves and have the red show like Chuckie does. Then get a cheap pair of sunglasses from the dollar store that you can pop the lenses out of. Spray paint them purple for the extra touch.

“The Mask”: Get a white Ghoul ‘s mask from a Halloween store, cut the mouth part out so your lips could be exposed, and then paint the mask green. Then take a trip to the thrift store and get a white dress shirt with a spiffy tie, a small fedora and you’re good!

Perry the Platypus: Go to the thrift store for these if you don’t own any of it: a blue shirt and pants and a brown fedora. Then take a trip to the craft store and find an orange beak with a string or items to make your own.

Cap’n Crunch: Visit a thrift store and find a navy blazer, blue pants and black shoes. Make a mustache out of cotton balls and do your best to find a pirate hat. Carry around Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes the extra touch.

Quail Man Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftQuail Man

Throw on a pair of khaki shorts. Put on a green t-shirt. Grab a pair of tighty whities and put them on over your shorts and tuck your green shirt into the underwear. With red tape, tape the letter Q to your shirt. Take a red bath towel and tie it around your neck to make a cape. To add the perfect finishing touch, take a brown belt and fasten it around your forehead. Perfect!

Teen Wolf: Get a white T-shirt and boxer shorts and dye them yellow. Cut the sleeves of the T- shirt and use them for the head and wrist bands. Get some fake fur and glue it to sleeves along a long sleeve shirt and pants/leggings. Wear high socks and basketball shoes. Get a long hair wig and paint your face brown. Carry around a basketball for a nice touch.

Beetlejuice: Find an old black suit from a thrift store and paint white stripes down it. Get a gray granny wig and paint your face white. Then put black around your eyes and wear red lipstick.

Captain Hook: Get the red coat, black pants, and a standard white button-down at a thrift store. Use a coat hanger wrapped in tin foil for the hook. Wear regular black dress shoes with white socks.

Harry Potter: Go to the thrift store and find a white button-down shirt and a black or gray vest to wear over it. Wear a pair of black slacks. Black dress shoes will work for your feet. Any thin stick can be made into a wand. Finding a pair of round glasses at a thrift store is pretty easy. And don’t forget to draw on the scar.

Robin Costume, Halloween Costumes


First things first, you need an eye mask- you can get this at a craft store. Wear a long sleeve green shirt, with a red t-shirt over it. Wear red underwear over black pants/leggings or spray paint jeans green. Get black felt (from the craft store), cut out a big R and glue it on your shirt.

Arthur: Go to a thrift store and find a mustard yellow sweater. Wear dark jeans and glasses. Then get some tan and pink construction paper to make the ears. Find a cheap headband and glue the ears to the headband.

Doc from Back to the Future: Go to a thrift store and find a painter’s outfit, or something similar. Get a short white wig and mess it up. Wear a tool belt with a remote control in it.

Charlie Sheen: This was supposedly the most popular Halloween costume last year and an easy one to make. All you need is a bowling shirt, a cigar, sunglasses, and an bad attitude. Spike your hair, grab a drink, and talk about how much of a “winner” you are.

White Goodman from Dodgeball: Take a trip to the thrift store and get: cycling shorts, a purple gym t-shirt, and white football socks. Add wristbands, a 70’s wig and shred an old black t shirt to create a head band. Print the globo gym logo and put it on your shirt. Draw yourself a handle bar mustache and you’re good to go.

Woody from Toy Story Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftWoody from Toy Story

You will need: jeans, cowboy boots, yellow button up, red handkerchief to wear around your neck, cowboy hat and a brown vest (which you can find at a thrift store).

Popeye: Find a dark blue polo shirt, lighter blue pants, a pipe and a sailor hat. The best place to look is a thrift store. Cut the collar out of the shirt and then just cut and glue gun red felt to the shirt to form the sailor collar. Wear a blue undershirt and brown/tan boots. Use a black marker to draw an anchor tattoo on your arm.

Kenny Powers: First, you must have the egotistical, screw it attitude to pull this off! Take a yellow shirt and paint a green “Charros” on the front with a baseball swoosh underneath. Then, paint a green C on a yellow ball cap. Add some baseball pants. Make sure to have the curly mullet and a goatee on your face. For the finishing touch, tie an American flag around your shoulders and announce to everyone that you are the best there is!

Alan from The Hangover: Boys, let your facial hair grow out (real hard right?). Throw on a pair of khaki pants and a t-shirt. Go to the local Goodwill store, find a baby doll, and an over the shoulder baby carrier. Grab some retro glasses, and you’ve prepped yourself ready for a pretty bad hang over!

Old Spice Spokesman: Guys, this is a no brainer- seriously! Throw on your skivvies. Grab your bath towel and wrap it around your waist (just like you got out of the shower). Carry around your bottle of Old Spice body wash. Make sure you flex when you see the ladies!

Charlie Brown Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftCharlie Brown

Everyone can recognize Charlie Brown from a mile away! This is perfect for anyone who needs a quick and easy idea! Find or buy any solid yellow t-shirt. Use electrical tape to put zig-zags on the front off the shirt. Throw on a classic pair of black shorts or pants. You will be making the Peanuts proud!

Richard Simmons: You need to be loud, proud, and ready to work it for this costume. Wear red and white striped shorts (the shorter the better) and a loose fitting red tank. Then, all you need is the afro and the attitude!

Mr. Rodgers: It takes a real man to pull off this costume. You will need a dress shirt, a tie, a long sleeved zip-up cardigan, blue slacks, and tennis shoes. To complete this costume, get a hand puppet and try be the nicest person at the party.

Party Boy: This is one of the simplest and yet most remembered costumes people will see. You need a bow tie, a man’s thong, a trench coat, and a boombox. It is simple. Walk around and when you feel like it, turn the music up, open the coat, and dance around!

Pizza Delivery Guy: This costume can be made in a variety of ways. You need a polo shirt, black pants, and a ball cap. Write PIZZA on your shirt with a permanent marker and carry around a pizza box. This one is sure to excite anyone dressed like a ninja turtle!

Joker Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftThe Joker

Head over to Goodwill for this costume. Find an old suit and paint it purple. Grab an orange dress shirt, some white gloves, and use a teal ribbon as your tie on your suit. Paint your face white with big red lips, then paint your hair and eyebrows green.

MMA Fighter: This is a very simple costume. Wear a pair of gym shorts with no shirt. Add a pair of gloves with the fingertips cut off. Act like you are ready to wrestle anyone and everyone to the ground at a moments notice. Go the Fight Club route and have a friend hit you in the face to have an authentic black eye. You could just use makeup if a punch to the face doesn’t seem enticing.

Jedi: Wear a white cotton robe, brown pants, and brown boots. Add a brown leather belt and a light saber to finish this look off! Don’t go too overboard with Jedi mind tricks. Failing to move objects with your mind will not impress the opposite sex.

Slash from Guns & Roses: Some black leather pants, a rocker tee, a wig, and a top hat is all you need to make this look. Also, make sure to wear some big aviator sunglasses and rock out all night! Cigarette in mouth not required.

Tinman from Wizard of Oz Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftTin Man

This costume is sure to please and easy to make! Take an old pair of jeans and paint them silver. Then paint your body and face silver. Throw a silver funnel upside down on your head, and you’re done!

Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter: The key to this look is a lot of khaki. Throw on a khaki shirt and shorts and you are good to go. Just use a lot of words like “Crikey!” and “That’s a big croc! If you want to go the morbid route, glue a sting ray tail on the front and back of your shirt.

Flava Flav: You will need a large clock and a Viking helmet. Buy all the fake jewelry you can find. Fold some tin foil over your teeth to make a “grill”. We recommend trying to be a little more respectful to women.

Cow: This one is always a hit at parties, and you’ll definitely earn some laughs. Wear all white and cut different shapes out of black fabric or construction paper to stick all over yourself. Paint or draw a large pink circle towards the bottom of your shirt. Attach 4 pink, not blown up balloons to the circle to look like utters.

Stewie Griffin: Wear a yellow shirt with red overalls. Shave your head and draw several lines on it to look like Stewie. Pick a random stranger at the party and become their arch nemesis. Victory is mine!

Jolly Green Giant Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftJolly Green Giant

You will need a long piece of fake ivy for this look, which you can purchase at most arts and crafts stores. Make a toga-like wrap for yourself from a green bed sheet. Take the leaves from the ivy and glue them all over the wrap. Then, paint yourself green and you’re ready to go.

Hillbilly Zombie: If you are a hunter, this is a great look for you! Start by putting on camouflage overalls over a gray hoodie. Next, paint your face like a zombie. Use white paint on your entire face and use black to make your eyes appear sunken in. Finish off this look by using red paint to make the blood dripping from your mouth.

Shrek: Go to Goodwill and find some Shrek looking clothes: white shirt, brown/leather vest. Last but not least, paint yourself green.

Glow Stick Man: For this look you need to dress completely in black, including black gloves and shoes. Attach glow sticks all over your body, and you are good to go! Try to use as many glow sticks as you can in order to be the center of attention in a dark room.

The Dude: There is a certain attitude that must accompany this costume. You will need a pair of plaid shorts, a white tee, a bathrobe, sunglasses, and sandals. Wear a long haired wig and give yourself a long beard. Drink white Russians all night and have that bum mentality!

Where's Waldo Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftWhere’s Waldo?

Easy, classic costume. Take a long-sleeved white tee and paint horizontal red stripes on it. Find a red hat with a ball on top and paint everything but the ball and the edges white. Add a pair of jeans and some Harry Potter-like glasses.

Justin Bieber: The most important thing about this costume is the hair. Style your hair in the side swipe way that he is iconic for. Wear a hoodie, big sunglasses, a tee-shirt, and jeans. Break out into random dance throughout the night!

Dexter: This is a killer Halloween costume…literally! You will need an Army green shirt, dark cargo pants, black gloves, a black rubber apron, and a knife. Complete this look with a happy, innocent looking smile!

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland: For this costume you will need to find an over sized top hat and paint it as you see fit. Paint your face white, your eyebrows red, and wear a red wig. Next, grab a very bright and loud suit from Goodwill, or just paint a suit. Use lots of plaid where you can!

Festival Wookee: To make this costume totally believable, stop showering now. You need to be smelly and gross. Toss on your best hippie outfit and make sure your hair is not brushed. To complete this look, lose your job and ask every stranger you see if they can spare a beer.

Oscar The Grouch Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftOscar The Grouch

This costume requires green pants, a green shirt, green paint, suspenders, and a metal trash can. Put on the green clothes and paint any part of your body that isn’t covered green. Next cut the bottom out of the metal trash can so that you can step into it. Use the suspenders to hold the trash can up.

Hobo with a Shotgun: Grab an over-sized flannel jacket, your dingiest t-shirt, and a pair of torn up jeans. Wear a hat and old leather boots. Grow out your facial hair as long as you can and don’t trim it at all. Grab a fake shotgun and start fighting for the homeless!

Machete: Wear a pair of tight jeans or leather pants. Find a brown vest that you can attach fake knives to. Slick back your hair and put on a fake mustachio. Carry the largest plastic machete you can find and become a Federale!

Chicken and Waffles: This would be a duo costume. For the chicken get a bunch of brown feather boas and hot glue them to large brown sweatshirt. Wear orange tights for the legs and yellow cleaning gloves for the feet. For the waffles cut a piece of egg-crate into circles and spray paint it a tan waffle color. Glue pieces of yellow felt for the butter and cut out a triangular waffle piece to make a hat. Walk around with a bottle of syrup for a nice touch.

Four of a Kind: Anyone trying to gamble? Find two large pieces of cardboard and get creative by painting your choice of playing card on each piece. Punch holes in the tops of the pieces of cardboard. String some yarn through the holes, and let the cardboard hang over your shoulders on the front and back of you. You might just hit the jackpot!

Thing 1 Thing 2 Costume, Halloween Costumes

arrow-leftThing 1, Thing 2

This is another duo costume. Get Einstein wigs and spray them with blue hair spray. Find matching red skirts and tank tops. Use white felt and a permanent marker to create the Thing 1 and Thing 2 circles and then you can either hot glue them to the tank tops or put ribbon on them and wear them around your neck. Add red shoes, fishnets, red gloves and a funky pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

Adam and Eve: Once again, a couple’s costume. Go to the craft store and get vines, a snake and an apple. Wear brown clothing (top, bottoms, fabric, etc.). Wrap the vines around yourselves and walk around with the apple and snake all night.

The Incredibles: Visit the thrift store and get a regular red long sleeve shirt, black shorts or pants, and a pair of black boots. Get some black felt from the craft store. Make the Incredibles logo out of the felt (or print it off) and hot glue it to the shirt. Cut eye holes out of the remaining black felt and attach a string to it with glue make it stay around your head.

Four Seasons: Another cool idea to do as a group- Fall: A hunter green shirt, maroon shorts, brown leggings/tights. Then glue some dollar tree leaves on yourself! Winter: Wrap a white tree skirt around a white dress, spray paint some boots silver, and glue/tape tinsel on the tree skirt. Maybe get yourself a green small plain wreath from the dollar store and wear it around your neck. Spring- Pink leggings, spring dress and some vine flowers from the dollar store. Summer: Get a yellow visor from the dollar store. Wear yellow leggings and yellow shorts. Paint a sun on a big white shirt and your set!

Play-Doh: You can do this alone or as a group- Pick what color you want and get a shirt in that color. Get a laundry basket and cut the bottom out to use as the structure. Wrap the baskets with yellow fabric and use ribbons for straps that match the colors of your top. For the Play-Doh logo print an image off the internet and glue it to the fabric.

Zorro Costume, Halloween Costumes


Wear all black for this one. Get an eye mask and a wide rim black hat (craft or costume store). Carry around a fake sword for the extra effect.