Looking to make some last minute spring break plans but don’t know where you want to go? No worries, I have compiled a list of the top destinations for 2012 that are sure to please.

Panama City Beach, FL
It’s no question that Panama City Beach, Florida is still the number one Spring Break Destination in the United States. It is estimated that between now and the end of March over 500,000 students will visit the 27 miles of beaches. One of the biggest draws is the wide array of nightlife, as well as daytime activities. Contests and Concerts offer plenty of entertainment without even leaving the beach. As for weather, the average annual temperature is 77 degrees. Although it is not the warmest location in Florida, it is definitely still hot enough to work on your tan.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Although not a stereotypical spring break destination, Las Vegas has recently grown in popularity. For those that have done the beach thing, it is a nice alternative that still offers some great amenities. MTV must agree because they have decided to bring their spring break headquarters to the Palms. This means celebrities, concerts, and contests like no other. Endless pool parties during the day and awesome nightlife are just two reasons why 2012 is the year for a Vegas spring break.

Ski Resorts
Another alternative to the beach scene is visiting a Ski Resort in the United States. For those avid skiers or snowboarders, snow may be just as attractive as a hot weather destination. There are a lot of locations to choose from but a few are actually going out of their way to offer student friendly activities and prices. With a laid back atmosphere and good nightlife, Crested Butte, Colorado is one of these places. If you find yourself craving some adventure this Spring Break, check out the ski resorts nearest you.

Miami Beach, FL
Miami has remained a top competitor for some years now; with the exciting night life and upscale shopping you can’t go wrong. Although a bit more pricey then other Florida areas, warm temperatures and a wide variety of activities make up for it. The city has over 150 nightclubs and hosts the Miami Music Week March 20-25.The average annual temperature is 83 degrees, with a water temperature of around 76 degrees. If you’re interested in good food, crazy nightlife, and upscale accommodations Miami is the place for you.

Daytona Beach, FL
Daytona has been a long standing vacation destination but has yet to lose its charm. Recently it has become known as a more affordable location in Florida for spring break. Package deals and cheap accommodations keep spring breakers coming back each year. One perk of going to Daytona is that some parts of the beach allow you to drive on the sand and bring along a cooler. The temperature around March and April stay around 76-80 degrees, with a water temperature of around 70. So if you’re a bargain hunter that still wants to have some fun in the sun, Daytona may be the right choice for you.

South Padre Island, Texas:
Just a short distance from Mexico, South Padre Island tops the list of spring break destinations. Located off the gulf coast of Texas the laid back community has miles of beautiful beaches which draw in bigger crowds every year. Coca-Cola beach is a popular spot for students and offers a never ending party atmosphere. Water sports such as parasailing, windsailing, and snorkeling are also quite popular. Live music at night gives students the true Texas experience and helps keep them coming back year after year.

This is a guest post from our wonderful marketing intern Chelsea Knudsen.