College Recruiting Gets Creative

Most college recruiting ads are cookie-cutter templates used by agencies to target the widest audience possible. This leaves them fairly bland, safe, and not likely to leave an impression. We took the time to comb through the years of marketing materials to find the hidden gems of college recruiting videos. 

Here are a few surprisingly awesome college recruiting videos.

Boston College School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

You have to give credit to Boston College for making full use of it’s Hogwarts-worthy buildings in this super creative ad spot.

Code Club

So full disclosure, this one isn’t for a college, but rather a code club for kids. It is, however, a fantastic piece of educational recruiting.  Genuinely creative ads are in short supply, and this one definitely deserves to be shared here.

Thank You, Next

Even the most prestigious school can use recruiting now and then. When they do, student’s might appreciate this type of ad from Stanford Medical School. This one’s unique because it’s main theme is letting students know they don’t need to be perfect and that the school actually wants them to apply.

Banned University of Lincoln Advert

This one actually makes fun of the cookie-cutter college advertising gimmick in the beginning but decides to go a slightly different direction.

It’s a Snap

This one also pokes fun at the typical college ad template, and we’re glad it does. Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster on this recruitment video you won’t soon forget!

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