I’m sure you’ve all heard about the harmful effects of tanning beds, but that sure doesn’t stop my friends from going to them. So, what exactly are all the health risks associated with indoor tanning? I’ve researched some information and am happy to share it with you guys!

  • The Cancer Caution: I’m sure any of you who have been to a tanning bed have had a friend or family member tell you “those things cause cancer!” So exactly how much truth is there to that precaution? According to QualityHealth.com, Studies show that UV rays can lead to three different types of skin cancer: basil cell sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and the melanoma, which kills more than 8,000 people every year. The UV rays damage the body’s DNA, leading to mutations that affect your body’s automatic anti-cancer defense system. The lifetime melanoma risk is 75% greater for those who use tanning booths regularly before the age of 30. Yikes. Sounds like the risks are pretty serious!
  • They Interact With Medication: If you’re currently taking any medications, such as birth control pills or antibiotics, using a tanning bed could lead to cosmetic or drug induced sensitivity, effectively increasing the effects of the UV exposure. Check with your doctor before you head to the bed if you’re taking any medications!
  • They’ll Make You Look Older: Overexposure to the UVA and UVB rays found in tanning beds can speed up your skin’s aging process and cause more wrinkles and leathery skin at an earlier age. Exposure to the UV rays breaks down your skin’s elastin and collagen fibers, leading to sags and folds. The worst part? These effects may not even be seen for a few years after exposure, meaning it would be too late!
  • They Can Cause Eye Damage: Even though you wear goggles while in the tanning bed, studies from QualityHealth.com show that there is an increased chance of developing cataracts, and causing permanent retinal damage and macula degeneration to your eyes. Intense UVB exposure could also cause something called Photokeratitis – or “snow blindness” — which feels like a extremely painful sunburn on your eyes. That definitely doesn’t sound fun!

So there you have it…just a few of the risks associated with tanning beds. Is being tan really that important that you’re willing to risk your health? Try some natural sun rays this summer, and step outside with your friends! Vitamin D is great for you and will put you in a good mood 🙂

Happy (Natural) Tanning,



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