Job Interview Fashion Tips!

Okay, so you landed a big interview. Now you are thinking what do I wear? Here are some great interview fashion tips to get you started!

1. Do some research!

interview fashion 1Look up the company you are interviewing with and see what they’re all about. Try and see if you can pick up on the feel/vibe of the company and dress accordingly. In most cases it’s best to dress nicer than you think you should because first impressions are extremely important. If you look put together, you will seem put together! For the more creative industries, you might be able to get away with an interesting color or pattern, but choose wisely and don’t overdo it!

2. Invest in a couple of good blazers!

interview fashion 2

Blazers dress up any outfit and instantly make you look professional. Make sure to get two or three that fit you really well and in colors that go with everything. Black, grey, navy, and brown are all good options! You want them to be versatile so you get the most out of your investment and if you get the job, you can wear them with loads of different outfits!

3. Cardigans are your friends!

interview fashion 3

Cardigans can be dressed up or down and have a similar professionalizing effect as a blazer. You will get a lot of wear out of a cardigan and you can get away with non-neutral colors! The best thing about cardigans is you can wear then out of the office/job interview setting so getting some new cardigans adds to your personal wardrobe as well!

4. Let’s talk shoes…

interview fashion 4

Shoes can be the hardest part of picking a job interview appropriate outfit. Simple is better when it comes to shoes in this case. Flats are a safe bet, but make sure to go for a solid color, like black, nude, or brown. You can definitely get a pair with a nice, simple detail such as a small buckle but don’t go overboard. You might also be able to get away with a braver color choice if you keep it simple and elegant. The same goes for heels. Don’t get too crazy with heel height and always go for ones with a closed toe and nothing too strappy! Closed-toed pumps always look professional.
This is especially important for the job interview. If you get the job you can figure out the dress code, but it’s best to play it safe for the interview.

5. Be careful with accessories!

interview fashion 5

When it comes to accessorizing for your interview, less is definitely more. Go for one bracelet, simple earrings, and maybe a simple necklace if it works with your outfit. Skip the chunky rings for the interview. Obviously, if your interview is in the fashion industry or a fashion-related industry, you have a bit more freedom for creative expression, but in general it is a good idea to keep it simple and classic.

Update Your Spring Wardrobe for Cheap!

Now that winter’s over, what are you going to wear? Do you need to update your wardrobe pronto before you sweat your way to class but don’t have a lot of money to spend? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one. There are lots of stores and online shopping where you can find mix and match spring and summer pieces without spending like a celebrity.

One online store brimming with deals for college students is aSociete. Once you create a free account (you don’t even have to be on the listserv to get daily emails if you don’t want to), go to town on clothes, accessories and shoes that are always on sale—and even name brand! Though some designer duds from Betsey Johnson tend to remain in the mostly more expensive domain (generally around $45 or more), there are lots of other trendy, adorable clothes for under $20! It’s definitely worth scouring through the pages upon pages of clothes for these special deals designed specifically for college kids like us.

Modocat is another online bargain outlet. Shoes, bags, clothes, accessories are all at the click of a button—so be careful! To make your outfit planning that much easier, the site also features a daily lookbook to help you find the perfect outfit for you. Even better, there are always items for sale to keep an eye on. Though like aSociete, some items get quite pricey, this site is full of the cute, quirky, fun and flirty for any price range if you just take the time to look around.

The average mall stores, like H&M and Forever 21, are also great to hit when shopping on the cheap—whether you cruise through their websites or spend time in the actual stores. Online and in physical locations, both offer new arrivals and sale items quite frequently. Some more elaborate pieces, like decked out lace dresses, will run higher, but basic tank tops, shorts, knit tops and other mix and match essentials can always be found on the cheap! And if you find something you like that’s a little too pricey for you now, stay on top of that piece online and in the store—both have sales often, and you never know when it might dip down to your price point.

Don’t forget about the bulls eye either! Target, though sometimes picked on for being like Wal-Mart (but it’s so much classier and nicer) is full of great bargains. Not only do they have a new celebrity designer, like Jason Wu, design special lower price collections for them every few months, but they get great new styles in regularly. At the very least, hit up the bathing suit racks packed full of adorable suits at a reasonable price. And while you clothes shop, you can also get some snacks, DVDs and other home goods for your dorm or apartment—all of which can be found at decent price points.

Wet Seal, online and in some malls, offers affordability and variety. You can find a ruffly, feminine top or the punk rock skull t-shirt you always wanted. Make sure to check out the sale section, full of great steals for around $20 or less. For that price, you can fill your closet with new spring and summer shirts and have money to spare.

If you need some snazzy footwear instead of the mundane cheap flip flops meant for the beach, check out DSW (where you often pay less than Payless). They’ve got everything from fancy to casual, comfortable to beauty-is-pain. You can shop luxury designs, like Prada or Gucci, or just keep it simple with Clarks. Whether you need sandals or professional and comfortable shoes for an internship consisting of running around all day, you’ll have no problem finding multiple pairs in one quick visit.

Lastly, it’s always a good idea to look at fashion and women’s magazines for ways to build a well planned out outfit inspired by a stylish celebrity for less. Sometimes they’ll even offer you special discounts just because you bought that issue. Inspirations, discounts, pretty pictures of your favorite celebs, and other beauty ideas all in one? It can’t get any easier than this.

So get out there and put some spring into your step while you shop. Good style doesn’t have to cost a fortune, if you know where to look. You don’t even have to become an extreme couponer. Happy savings!


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Creative College Scholarships For Just About Anyone

There are many benefits of applying for scholarships and financial aid for school. First, and probably most important is the fact that college is expensive. Costs are on the rise and it is becoming more and more difficult to be able to finance schooling on your own. Scholarships can be a great way to shed some of the fee burden off of your higher education tab.

While I was researching this topic, I came across a few scholarships that I wish I had seen back in my final high school days. Looking back on it, with a little “googling” I could have potentially saved hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with creative scholarships.

Just a few years ago, scholarships were awarded primarily for academics, test scores and athletic ability. However, times have changed. You can now save the big bucks based on more than just your GPA and transcript—you are now encouraged to showcase your activities, hobbies and personality. There are scholarships out there just waiting to be awarded to those looking outside the beaten path! If something makes you unique, or you have a longtime hobby that is a little out of the ordinary, try searching for scholarships based around it. You will be surprised with what might pop up!

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at a few examples to kick that hamster wheel into gear.

There are scholarships awarded to students who have a bit of a “green thumb”. By paying close attention to the growing gains of going “Green”, students have the potential to win scholarships based on their initiative to get students involved. will enter students into a drawing for a $500 scholarship just for referring their friends to their service programs and starting a club at their school. If you have the passion to give back to your community and it’s already apparent in your extracurricular activities—this scholarship could be perfect for you!

Now being a short girl, this next one wouldn’t quite apply to me, but it’s still fascinating and worth looking into! The Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship is awarded to students who are gifted in the height department. Students can win up to $1000 in scholarship money just for being “heads above the rest”!  For the ladies who are over 5”10, and the gentlemen who surpass 6”2, this one could be calling your name!

Avid fashion lovers and prom dress shoppers unite! This next scholarship stopped me dead in my tracks. In high school, prom was the event of the season. It didn’t matter who you were or what group you fit into—everyone went to prom. I spent weeks looking for the “perfect dress”. Ironically enough, I now look back at it and cringe. How in the world did I pick that?! I should have had fun and gotten creative. Maybe if I had seen this scholarship I would have! The Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest awards over $5000 each to a couple who makes amazing Duck Tape prom outfits!

These are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of scholarships opportunities that exist in the depths of cyber space! Spend time searching for scholarships whether you’re in high school or already in college—there are scholarships made for anyone and everyone, you just have to find them! From surveys, to sprinkler safety, to vegetarian awareness, there are countless numbers of untapped scholarship resources just waiting to be uncovered! Scholarships help you save money during school and make it more affordable in the long run!

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Update Your Look for 2012: Fashion Trends to Watch

As a college student it is all too easy to sit back and stroll around campus wearing yoga pants, Uggs, and a baseball cap. It never starts off that way, but over time, the excitement to wake up early and accessorize starts to slowly fade. Freshmen year I dressed to impress. When I flew across the country to start school I made sure to include cute shoes, skirts, and shirts in my Vera Bradley duffle— but sadly some outfits remained unworn in the back of the closet (or in some cases crumpled under my bed out of site of my new friends and roommates).

Then sophomore year I settled down. I had occasional spurts of fashion ingenuity but more often than not I dressed for comfort and kept it simple—bright colors, cute jeans and boots. However, this year, when the work set in, it seemed style went out the dorm room window. All semester I found new ways to pair yoga pants and college tees and somehow managed to throw my hair into a hat at least a few times a week. If they did a college edition of “Fashion Police” I have a feeling Ms. Rivers would put me on the fashion chopping block.

I made a new year’s resolution to try harder. This semester it will be different– new year, new style. I dare you to do the same. Have fun with your wardrobe and try to spice things up. This is not to say that you have to make your campus a catwalk—and of course you can still fit in the comfy outfits, but not every day!

It’s important to at least take note of the major trends hitting the streets this spring to ensure that you don’t get caught in a wrinkly rut of already worn yoga pants and sweats. Mix what’s in with what you already love and know how to wear and you’ll be set!

Here’s what designers and fashion divas everywhere are craving this spring:

Color blocking: It’s best if you keep to just 3 main colors, but don’t be afraid to go bold! Try solid cardigans, blocked or striped skirts, even dresses! A big trend is colored denim! Urban Outfitters has jeans in every color (I bought red!) from only $58, which is way cheaper than most places.

Bold Prints: Along with color blocking, try pairing bold colors with bold prints. Anything floral or geometric is extremely popular and can pair well with almost any color. You can mix certain prints, under the condition that you handle with care! Try stripes with a more graphic print for a little bit of fun! The navy impressionist flowers dress from Forever21 could work in the winter cold with tights and a cardigan and then transform into a fun spring staple!

Orange & Tangerine: Orange is red hot this season.  All over the runway fashionistas are spotting orange hues and tangerine splashes. Go bold and bright and add this fruity color to your spring lineup. Orange can be scary but trust me, you only live once so you might as well live on the wild side and stand out in class and around campus in this playful trend. Try the extended basic tank from Forever21 for $6.80 for an easy way to incorporate the color into your outfit.

Pastels: Not ready for “look at me” color schemes? Pastel colors may be better suited for you! Try lighter hues like mint green, or lilac purples, even light orange to introduce a ladylike touch to any ensemble! ASOS sells adorable belts in pastel hues for around $10!

Toms: And now for my favorite runway report item– TOMS is introducing ballet flats into their Spring 2012 collection. Not that I didn’t love the TOMS moccasins— the One for One charity behind them were enough to send anyone running to the store to buy a pair—but I never looked quite right wearing them. Their ballet flats are not only adorably cute, but in my opinion much more wearable. I think their company has a great mission, and a keen sense of what fashion conscious college co-eds are looking for. How fabulous that you can help a child in need and rock a cute pair of shoes?

Nails: And last but not least on the fashion front are your fingernails. Every season the “hot” look for nails catches me off guard and changes faster than it takes me to remove my last color. This season multiple looks are catching people’s fashion eye. First there is long and natural—keeping them simple and clean. Another hot look is the reverse manicure—try another combo besides the classic white and light pink and go bold — pick your favorites or go for something unexpected. If you want to stay simple and classic you can choose a color like nude or Jungle Red! If you want a solid color with a twist of modern flare, try yellow—canary or banana shades are my favorite and are totally unexpected! What could be better than a built in excuse to raise your hand in class? Try OPI Banana Bandana.

All of these trends can be molded to your style preferences and comfort level. Remember to have fun with fashion and make it work for you—regardless of the runway! Designers have great ideas and trends that you can build off of to maximize your personal style—even if you live in yoga pants!

-Ring Queen

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