eCampus Trivia Trivia Challenge – Valentine’s Edition

How much do you think you know about Valentine’s Day? Do you know the names of the most famous couples in history or just in Hollywood? Can you guess what time of year the most couples break-up? We are happy to announce our newest giveaway challenge! ¬†Test your Valentine’s knowledge with our fun daily trivia questions.

From January 31st – February 13th we will be giving away a daily prize of a $50 gift card and on Valentine’s Day we will give away a grand prize of $250 CASH! The contestants with the highest score each day will be entered to win the daily prize. Continue taking the trivia challenge every day to increase your cumulative score! The people with the highest cumulative score at the end of the challenge will be entered to win a grand prize of $250 in cash!¬† So enter now for your chance to win!