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Creative College Scholarships For Just About Anyone

There are many benefits of applying for scholarships and financial aid for school. First, and probably most important is the fact that college is expensive. Costs are on the rise and it is becoming more and more difficult to be able to finance schooling on your own. Scholarships can be a great way to shed some of the fee burden off of your higher education tab.

While I was researching this topic, I came across a few scholarships that I wish I had seen back in my final high school days. Looking back on it, with a little “googling” I could have potentially saved hundreds, even thousands, of dollars with creative scholarships.

Just a few years ago, scholarships were awarded primarily for academics, test scores and athletic ability. However, times have changed. You can now save the big bucks based on more than just your GPA and transcript—you are now encouraged to showcase your activities, hobbies and personality. There are scholarships out there just waiting to be awarded to those looking outside the beaten path! If something makes you unique, or you have a longtime hobby that is a little out of the ordinary, try searching for scholarships based around it. You will be surprised with what might pop up!

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at a few examples to kick that hamster wheel into gear.

There are scholarships awarded to students who have a bit of a “green thumb”. By paying close attention to the growing gains of going “Green”, students have the potential to win scholarships based on their initiative to get students involved. will enter students into a drawing for a $500 scholarship just for referring their friends to their service programs and starting a club at their school. If you have the passion to give back to your community and it’s already apparent in your extracurricular activities—this scholarship could be perfect for you!

Now being a short girl, this next one wouldn’t quite apply to me, but it’s still fascinating and worth looking into! The Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship is awarded to students who are gifted in the height department. Students can win up to $1000 in scholarship money just for being “heads above the rest”!  For the ladies who are over 5”10, and the gentlemen who surpass 6”2, this one could be calling your name!

Avid fashion lovers and prom dress shoppers unite! This next scholarship stopped me dead in my tracks. In high school, prom was the event of the season. It didn’t matter who you were or what group you fit into—everyone went to prom. I spent weeks looking for the “perfect dress”. Ironically enough, I now look back at it and cringe. How in the world did I pick that?! I should have had fun and gotten creative. Maybe if I had seen this scholarship I would have! The Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck on Prom Contest awards over $5000 each to a couple who makes amazing Duck Tape prom outfits!

These are just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of scholarships opportunities that exist in the depths of cyber space! Spend time searching for scholarships whether you’re in high school or already in college—there are scholarships made for anyone and everyone, you just have to find them! From surveys, to sprinkler safety, to vegetarian awareness, there are countless numbers of untapped scholarship resources just waiting to be uncovered! Scholarships help you save money during school and make it more affordable in the long run!

-Ring Queen Excellence Awards Scholarship!

It’s that time of year again. Finals are just around the corner and summer is so close you can probably smell it! Well, to reward all the hard-working students out there, is announcing its first Excellence Award!

The award is set up like a contest, which will began March 31st.  Basically, we’re on the hunt for the most EXCELLENT current full-time college student in America! To apply you must be active in your school and local community, demonstrate a strong work ethic, exhibit outstanding leadership skills, possess great teamwork capabilities, and a desire to succeed. Even if you don’t fit all those categories, apply anyway! We are going to pick the top 5 candidates from all of the AWESOME applicants we receive based on their story and then let YOU pick the most EXCELLENT student out of the bunch!

The application period ends April 22nd at midnight. From there, the wonderful folks over at will choose the Top 5 Candidates. On April 25th, online voting will begin to pick the winner out of the Top 5. Anyone (including the Top 5 Candidates themselves) will be able to go online and vote for who they think deserves the Excellence Award (one vote per person though, this isn’t American Idol)!!! Voting will end May 9th at midnight and the winners will be announced that afternoon!

Now for the best part: The grand prize winner will receive a $2,000 scholarship from (woohoo)! Along with the scholarship, the winning student’s university will also receive 30% extra buyback credit for all students with an active email address for that university when selling textbooks back to through 2011. What about the rest of the Top 5, you ask? They’re in luck too! The four runners-up will each receive a $250 gift certificate from (to be used on textbooks, dvds, college gear, etc.)! How ya like them apples?

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! So hurry and head to to submit yourself for the Excellence Award and tell all your EXCELLENT friends about it as well! And be sure to check back here for updates throughout the duration of the contest!

best of luck!



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