Do You Own A Pair of Toms Shoes?

TOMS Shoes can be seen on the feet of some of the hottest celebrities and even your best friends. But who is Tom and why would you want to wear TOMS Shoes? Let us explain.

TOMS Shoes is a shoe company that has started a movement and redefined charity. The story begins with a traveler, Blake Mycoskie, who traveled to Argentina in 2006. Interacting with the children of the Argentinian community he found the lack of shoes on the children’s feet to be astonishing and noticed the amount of children who were without soles. Blake decided to help these children, creating TOMS Shoes.

The concept is quite simple, actually. TOMS Shoes will match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. This philosophy was known as One For One. Word of this new way of charity got back to the United States. The American people were moved and eager to help! Later that year Blake returned to Argentina with friends, family, and a group of staff that would bring 10,000 pairs of shoes to Argentinian children.

By purchasing one pair of TOMS Shoes for yourself you can put a pair of shoes on the feet of a child in need. Customers spending $44 for a pair of shoes can put a pair on a child. Not to mention, TOMS Shoes are cute! They come in men’s, women’s, and youth styles and sizes.

TOMS Shoes was a great idea! People all around the world are buying these shoes and helping others! Do you already have a pair? Are you going to buy some TOMS Shoes now?


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Kat VonD

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Helping Others with Back To School

Back to school is a stressful and exciting time for everyone whether you are entering college, starting high school, or heading back on the elementary school bus. What most of us don’t think about, however, is the millions of school kids in America that can’t afford new items like dependable book bags, notebooks, and pencils. In many cases school supplies list can amount up to $200 extra; a feat which is unreachable for many underprivileged families.

This back to school season, we encourage you to donate your old items like books, book bags, and art supplies as well as new items like pens, pencils, and paper. If you don’t have reading materials to donate try purchasing discount books at thrift stores, goodwill, or clearance books on

We also recommend a giving spirit with everything you do to gear up for back to school. Many companies include donations to a variety of charities with every purchase. For example, is sponsoring 4 clean water initiatives in northern Ethiopia. Find out your favorites and start feeling good about yourself with the choices you make.


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