Sorority recruitment week is a great time to meet new friends in Greek organizations, and the perfect time to learn your way around your new campus. This week can be a bit overwhelming because of the amount of people you meet and the introduction to your new home, but we can help. Here are some Dos and Don’ts of going through recruitment!


1. Ask Questions

    The best way to learn the most you can about which sorority is right for you is to ask lots of questions. The sorority members you are meeting are there to answer any question that you have about what they are all about. Ask questions about their philanthropy, events, sisterhood, and financials to get a good grasp of what to expect. Do not be embarrassed to ask too many questions!

2. Meet Everyone You Can

    You do not only need to focus on meeting the sorority girls in the houses, but you have the opportunity to meet the girls you are rushing with too. This week is a great time to meet other girls in your dorm and make some friends to help settle into school. Since you are moving into campus a week before everyone else, this gives you an advantage in being social and meeting people.

3. Get a Good Nights Rest

    Since you will be walking around in the summer sun for a few hours a day, a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast is a great kick-start to your day. Try and settle into your new living arrangements and make yourself at home for a good nights sleep so you can be refreshed in the morning. You can give the best first impression by being awake and attentive!

4. Stay True to What is Best For Yourself

    Be open-minded to the whole process and choose the sorority that fits YOU best, not your friends or family. A lot of girls base their choice off what sorority their mom was in, or what sorority their friends think is cool, but put those aside and figure out what you are looking for in a Greek organization. Sorority chapters are different at every school and change over the years, so go into each with others opinions set aside.

5. Be Prepared

    Not only do you need to prepare yourself with some good questions, but also prepare yourself with items to stay fresh. Since you will be walking in the heat all day, I suggest having some flip-flops, mints, perfume, and a comb in your purse. You want to be ready to go at every house you go into and with these items you can stay clean and cool at every sorority house you walk into.


1. Don’t Believe TV’s Interpretation of Greek Life

    Joining a sorority does not mean you have to party or go through terrible hazing to be accepted. Television portrays sororities as a clique of catty girls that want to torture pledges and use them as personal slaves. From my experience, sororities are NOTHING like this so don’t worry. If you decide to pledge a sorority, the number one importance is sisterhood bonding, not hazing, partying and meeting guys.

2. Don’t Talk About Partying or Guys

    Questions like “Do you like to go out and drink every weekend?” are inappropriate to ask when meeting with the girls in the sororities. Not only does it make them uncomfortable, but it gives the impression that you are only looking for a group of girls to party with. Also, you do not want to come off as boy crazed because this is usually a red flag to the sorority. You can ask questions about how social the sorority is and their involvement with fraternities without coming off as a “party girl”.

3. Don’t Write Off a Sorority Based on Gossip

    All sororities have their pro’s and con’s, which change based on who you ask, but all that matters is what you think. You may hear from your older sister that a certain sorority is not the best, but they could have made changes since she was in school, or it could be what you are looking for. Every girl has a different check list of what they are looking for in their perfect sorority and by sticking to your morals and choosing the best for you, the 4 years ahead will be much more enjoyable.

4. Don’t Attempt to Speak to Sorority Girls Outside of Rush During Recruitment

    During this week, the sorority girls you are meeting are not allowed to be involved with the girls going through rush. They can get into very big trouble, so do not be offended if they do not carry a long conversation when you bump into them at lunch, or if they ignore your Facebook friend request for that week. The girls are not trying to be rude and this does not mean they did not like you, they just have boundaries during this time so don’t take it personally.

5. Hold Grudges If You Are Cut From a Sorority

    If a sorority cuts you during rush week, do not take it personally. The way a sorority bids on a girl differs for each Panhellenic administration, college, and chapter. If you are cut from the sorority you thought you wanted, keep an open mind and realize that maybe it was not meant to be. By staying positive you might realize that another sorority was perfect for you and they all wanted you as their sorority sister!

Kelsey the Intern

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