Did you know there are several ‘running of the bulls’ that run every year in Spain?  I didn’t and I am of Spanish descent.  In fact, when I was asked to write a blog post about the Running of the Bulls I racked my brain for things I knew about it and here it is:

  1. Bulls run on this day.
  2. People get run over by the bulls every now and then
  3. It ticks PETA off
  4. Freshman year when my hall-mates were getting to know each other, our RA asked us to share something weird/unusual about ourselves.  2 people were double-jointed, 3 people knew a couple of languages fluently.  If memory serves I think I volunteered something lame about horseback riding.  Emma shared that she got blood on her t-shirt from one of the bulls in Pamplona.  Don’t do this your freshman year.  It freaks people out.

So there you go, that’s all this Wonderbread intern knows about Running of the Bulls.  Luckily, the internets know a little more about it than I do.

Pamplona, Spain hosts its annual Festival of San Fermin, most famous for its “Running of the Bulls”, an 800-meter chaotic dash from corral to bullring through the narrow streets of Pamplona. Once the bulls arrive at the Plaza de Toros, they are again corralled until the afternoon’s bullfights (corridas). The festival, started in the sixteenth century, opened last year on July 6th, and more than a dozen participants were seriously injured, with one death (due to a fall from a wall). It continued until July 14th.  (Thanks www.boston.com)

If you plan on joining the festivities, know that running in the front is for “wimps” but the terrifying (and less heroic) thing about being in back is you can only run as fast as the people in front of you.  Red shorts ill-advised ;).

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