So here we are, on national cheesecake day, and it’s the middle of pool and beach season.  Don’t hate me for alerting you to the fact that it’s cheesecake day, I’m going to help you through this problem.

Now, it’s well-nigh impossible to find statistics on the decadent piece of pie that is cheesecake, but a potential indicator of the popularity of cheesecake is The Cheesecake Factory making the top 15 restaurant chains in America, not to mention that 5/6 people who work in the eCampus office “Love” cheesecake.  Little known fact: cheesecake is actually a pie because cake rises, and cheesecakes don’t rise.

What’s a college student to do?  I’ve done some research and found a loop hole so that you can indulge on this calorie bomb but on a more sensible day.  January 23rd is National Pie Day, and if you forget about that little piece of trivia I mentioned earlier, November 26th is National Cake Day!  There you go, two excuses to eat America’s much-loved dessert safely sandwiched in sweater season.  Look at that, problem created and solved within two paragraphs.

You’re welcome.



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