Crap that paper is due when?  Okay, let me add it to the list.  So I’ve got class these days, a presentation here, a term paper due then, my friend’s graduation party that weekend.   Alright, my calendar is complete.  Unfortunately, I’ve got one more thing to add to your list.

In all the craziness, please do not let your poor mother go unappreciated on SUNDAY, MAY 13, this year’s Mother’s Day.  While you think to yourself you don’t have the time to do anything, remind yourself that she experienced nine months of pregnancy than hours of labour for you.  No matter if you have an hour, five minutes, or thirty seconds to spare, use that time to send some love to Mama.  Even if your relationship with your mom or grandmother is not the best, this could be an opportunity to taking a step toward clearing the air.

No idea what to do?  Well, if you are already at the library working on papers, it doesn’t take much to print out a card to mail or hand deliver.  If trying to be environmentally friendly, there are always e-Cards although they have their lameness factor.  A handwritten card would be best.  If unsure what to write, look up what those print out cards or eCards say (this is the one time plagiarism might go unnoticed).

While procrastinating on your paper or final, check out to order a bouquet (ranging from $25 to $200). is another way to go for Mother’s Day with chocolate covered fruit boxes, fruit bouquets with and without stuffed animals and balloons are available (also ranging in price from $25 to $100).

If you’re looking for something a little different for Mom, consider ordering her some gourmet cupcakes or cake pops from a local bakery.

Day’s at the spa never go unnoticed either!  Although massages can get pricy, a gift card or treating your mom in person to a manicure or pedicure, especially if she does not get them regularly, can help her relax (which can lead to less nagging).

Simply spending some time with Mom on mother’s day is the cheapest, most heartfelt which seems to be most appreciated by moms everywhere.  If you’ve got a final, making a point to talking with her and making a plan for after you are out of school for the semester is sure to bring a smile to her face.


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